Waah, it's finally weekend! School is closed tomorrow, so I hve 3 days off :D
It's so wonderful <3
I'm home alone with my sister this weekend, and we're just about to watch Avatar. My mom bought the DVD like 3 days ago, and I've been waiting to watch it again!

The weather was so great today! I can feel summer sneaking up on Denmark's weather :3

And one last thing. LADY GAGA IS COMING TO DENMARK!! She will perform here on October 20th. Astrid and I already decided to go watch herconcert :D After all we were really close to buy tickets for her concert in London two months ago xD I hope we can get tickets though. I think they will be sold out quickly >.<

That's all you get :3

Bye ^^ ~


  1. Jeg så også Avatar! og jeg skal også ind og se Lady Gaga!

  2. Yay den er så god :3
    Og fedt! Så mødes vi måske :D


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