Outfit + 30 days left

Hat: H&M (And btw, it's my new hat!)
Short jacket: H&M
T-shirt: @ Urban Outfitters
Pants: ZARA
Shoes: H&M

Yeah as the title sayd I have 30 school days left of high school. It's so surreal!!!! But I'm so excited about it :3 Seriously 30 days and no more high school.. Never again.. Gyaah!

So today I had my first mid-term this week. It was the English test, and I actually think I did pretty good :3 Tomorrow is Danish and Thursday is Spanish.. I dread for that Spanish one >.< But there's a thing that can make me happy again

Yeah Death Note <3 And Perfume as well :3 The best cocktail ever <33
And something very exciting happened! I got pictures of my new apartment! I'll show you soon. I'm too lazy to post them now.

Oh and here are my lipstick and nailpolish from Make Up Store:

I like the lipstick a lot! The color almost doesn't show in the picture, but it's a nude coral/pink color. The same goes for the nail polish :3



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