torsdag den 31. marts 2011

Banjak5 4th teaser!!! + 301st post !

Yaaay, here's the 4th teaser! I'm getting so excited already!! The 5th and last teaser will be uploaded tomorrow, and then the full dub in the weekend!

I really love Banjak5! We're all becoming really good friends, and I think we're awesome as a group. We're almost becoming like a little family, and I truly care about all of them! Also, everyone is so talented, and I think they fit their parts really well! :D

Oh, and as a little extra thingy, the post I did yesterday was actually my 300th post! XD Sometimes I forget, how much I write LOL XD

onsdag den 30. marts 2011

A day with sis ~

Last Sunday was Hannah's birthday! :D
I gave her a lot of Taemin stuff, so she was super happy! ^^
We went to Fredensborg Castle the same day. It's been a while since we last were there, and it was also a lot of fun to have Esther along <3

Hanging out with Christian 4th

Today Hannah and I went out shopping. After that we went to McD. I don't care how disgusting their food is, it's like, SUPER DELICIOUS! *feels super ugly* LOL

LOL, we had a very nice day~ XD <3

And I'm currently spazzing out over this video of Key. 1) He's super cute, adorable and PERFECT. I really love that haircolor on him btw! And 2) We're preparing the next album now



Okay, so it might just be their Japanese debut album, which will mean, Japanese version of Lucifer, but I will be okay with that too! BUT, if it really is another comeback (it surely is time for a new comeback!!!!), I will be super excited and HAPPY! This is the first time I get to experience a comeback, while being such a big (and obsessed) fan as I am!

Oh btw, the 4th teaser for Banjak5's Lucifer will be up tonight! So stay tuned ;D

mandag den 28. marts 2011

Banjak5 3rd Teaser! (+ birthday surprise for Hannah)

Here's the 3rd trailer for our Lucifer dub! This is the Taemin version ^^
It was uploaded yesterday, March 27th which is my sister, Hannah's birthday!
Because of that the rest of Banjak5 decided that we wanted to give Hannah a little surprise :D <3

She got so happy! <3

The next teaser will be up on Wednesday, the 5th on Friday and the full dub in the weekend!! I'm so excited XD

torsdag den 24. marts 2011

Banjak5 2nd Teaser!

The 2nd teaser for our Lucifer [Danish version] is up! 8D
This teaser features Line as Onew, and I think it's awesome! Line is doing such a great job as our mixer, and she's really good as Onew!

Once again, here's the link for our Youtube channel! Please be supportive and subscribe! :D Thank you ^^

søndag den 20. marts 2011


I'm in this AWESOME cover group with my sister Hannah and 3 of our friends, Rin, Celia and Line 8D

Here's the line-up:
Onew - Line
Jonghyun - Rin
Key - Me
Minho - Celia
Taemin - Hannah

We will be making covers of SHINee songs in Danish. Our first dub will be Lucifer, and our first teaser is out! Check it out!

As you can see it's the Minho version XD We will be uploading the teasers for each member the following 2 weeks, and we plan on releasing the full version on April 3rd. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel, you won't regret it! :D

We're having our first performance at Genki-con in Roskilde, Denmark in early August. I'm so excited! :D Plus, if everything goes as planned, we might perform at J-popcon in November as well! :D

Anyways, it could be awesome if you could support Banjak5! We promise to do our best as a group, and to deliver amazing covers!

onsdag den 16. marts 2011

Key to my heart ~

Key was a special guest DJ on Sukira on March 15th, and he lokked as wonderful as ever <3 I love his new hair color! ^^

It's only slightly lighter, but it's sooo pretty <3

mandag den 14. marts 2011

Ballerinas and boots

Hey hey hey~

So, I went shopping with my sister last Friday. Originally we were out to get a microphone, but the shop assistant said, that I needed aomething else too in order for it to work with my computer and such. So instead, I ended up buying shoes ^^

I really love these! They are so adorable ^^ I can't wait to wear them, but the weather has to get a little warmer in order for me to do so! They are from Friis & Co.

I also got this dress from H&M:

I really love the color and the print! Plus, I'm still not over the maxi-dress trend from last year, so I'm glad it's still in ^^

I also got these boots last weekend:

They were on sale in Monki, and I had my eyes on them before, so I just had to get them xD

I can't wait for spring!

lørdag den 12. marts 2011

With thoughts of Japan

Wow, I'm still getting over the shock from yesterday. What happened to Japan is just so awful and devestating, and my thoughts go to all the families and people, who have lost someone.

A good thing though, is that Japan is such a highly developed country, and that they were, more than any other place in this world, better prepared than anyone could be.

May this disaster pass by quickly, and let us all send our thoughts to those who need them.

mandag den 7. marts 2011

Dream dream ~

I haven't been making a lot of posts lately xD *feels guilty*

Well, time for a little update ^^

I met up with my friend Lili on Saturday <3 We've known each other for almost 4 years now, but we haven't seen each other for a long time :/ So it was really nice seeing her again! We went to her and her boyfriends' place and watched some of the childrens MGP xD LOL it was so fail xD Haha, but very funny nonetheless!

Later on we went to one of her boyfriend's friend's place. We were playing some drinking games and having a lot of fun! :D I even got to play some of my music, and they actually liked it xD

I currently watching Dream High. I like it so much! Taecyeon is my favorite member from 2PM, so that's definately a bonus xD LOL. But I really like the story! And IU is so cute and such a great singer!

A lot of people have been bashing Suzy for her acting skills. I agree, she's not the best acrtess, but it is her first time acting, and she kinda got a difficult part :/
Well, I just hope she improves through out the series :3

tirsdag den 1. marts 2011

Doing my best to stay positive!

Wow, a lot of things are happening right now, and it can be kind of tough and stressful, since they all decided to enter my life at the same time.

As I think I've mentioned before, I've been thinking a lot about, what I wanted to do in life. Now that I've decided, I thought that things would get a lot easier, but that's not excactly the case.

I feel like I'm letting people down, with the decissions I make, but then in the end all I can think is 'Shouldn't they just be happy for me, and the fact that I know, what I want to do?'

I really hate having to live up to other people's expectations. It's like this, whenever I start on something new, I'm really excited and I want to do my best, but as soon as people start expecting too much, I try to live up to their expectations, and then it feels like I'm doing it for them, more than for myself.

Besides that, I might be cut in hours at my job, since my boss has to hire one more person, which of course means, that he has to re-schedule our shifts. Great ....

And the person I need the most right now, my lovely Astrid, is all the way over at Fyn T_T

And, just to add a cherry on top, I'm getting complains on, how I spend too much time on my biggest interests. WTF? Seriously?? Then what should I do instead? I have my interests for a reason, and that's just how it is. I won't change them, just because they're not the same as everybody elses.


FML!!! XD Grrrr... *frustrated*

If you read this to the end, I'm sorry for taking your time with my pointless ramble. -.-