I'm in this AWESOME cover group with my sister Hannah and 3 of our friends, Rin, Celia and Line 8D

Here's the line-up:
Onew - Line
Jonghyun - Rin
Key - Me
Minho - Celia
Taemin - Hannah

We will be making covers of SHINee songs in Danish. Our first dub will be Lucifer, and our first teaser is out! Check it out!

As you can see it's the Minho version XD We will be uploading the teasers for each member the following 2 weeks, and we plan on releasing the full version on April 3rd. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel, you won't regret it! :D

We're having our first performance at Genki-con in Roskilde, Denmark in early August. I'm so excited! :D Plus, if everything goes as planned, we might perform at J-popcon in November as well! :D

Anyways, it could be awesome if you could support Banjak5! We promise to do our best as a group, and to deliver amazing covers!


  1. How much I love you guys! *O* I just can't wait to see the full version and see you live! <3

  2. Aaaaw we love you too Lii-chan <3 I think you'll be our biggest fan 8D Keke ~ <3


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