I want this !

I want SHINee's Day and Night photobooks <3

They are out of print, so they are usually pretty pricey . But I found this awesome offer on eBay. Both of the photobooks (Day & Night), 5 photocards and Mexicana Diary set. <3 It's one of the least pricey ones I've seen so far, and it's for BOTH of them !

But my dilemma is that I can't decide wether I should get these 2 or just the Day version photobook with their autographs ? Just the thought of having something they've actually TOUCHED .. Oh god, why am I such a fangirl ? xD Haha <3

If I ever become able to decide, I think I'll give this as a Christmas present for myself ! How generous of me xD Gosh .


  1. rofl at "Just the thought of having something they've actually TOUCHED" ~ you're such a sweetheart ~
    i think the one with their autographs is more better~ just saying^^

  2. lol, I really can't help it ^^ and you're the sweetheart !


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