Here's my outfit from Friday ^^

I'm wearing my new stockings and wedges. Everything is from H&M :p
I love H&M. They have so much great clothes, and it's all pretty cheap ! Amazing for me xD

Oh, and I spoke to Lii-chan today about my new layout :3 I'm so excited <3

Lastly, watch this :

JONGHYUN !! And of course the others as well xD Haha, I just can't hide my SHINee obsession, but they are all so talented <3 I like this new unit :3 But I'd rather see Jjong rest a little to be honest -.- SHINee just ended their 'Hello' promotions not a very long time ago, and now Jjong has to do this. Even though I think he's PERFECT for this group, I think SM Entertaintment should have let him rest some more :( JONGHYUN FIGHTING! <3


  1. i looove your stripes stocking very very bold and chic! lovely! <3 <3 and ofcourse you look lovely too girl ! xxo


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