New York January 2015: Day 2 - World Trade Center + Delicious food!

Hello you guys! New post on that New York trip that happened over 1 year ago. I'm sooo good with time management.

This day started out with Chinese style breakfast at a local joint close by our hotel.

These noodles were really good.

My usual lemon ice tea haha

Congee for Hua

More foooood. After that we made our way towards the World Trade Center site. 

On the way we passed many impressive buildings. New York is really pretty at times.

Happy me haha

We also passed the Brooklyn bridge, and got some pretty pictures. 

It was quite interesting seeing the process of building the new tower. It's also truly a strange feeling to see this and know what happened so many years ago. 

We made our way to Century21, which was just around the corner. It's a HUGE department store with tons of brand sold for reduced prices. After shopping we walked back to our hotel and had some lunch. 

In the evening we went for a walk (in the cold. I'm not kidding, New York was so so cold when we visited). Frozen and cold we made our way to a Vietnamese restaurant to indulge on some pho. Because pho is the best. 

Spring rolls


We then purchased some beer on our way home and just chilled in our hotel room for the rest of the night. 

Then went to bed with a BJ .... ;DDDDDD

See you in the next one!


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