torsdag den 31. december 2009

~ The last day of the year ~

So now it has finally come.

Many things happened in 2009.

I became 18 years old, I started my last year of High School, I joined Glaxy Circle, I went to J-pop for the first time, I saw the Cherry blossom for the first time, I created a lot of happy memories with my friends, and now I'm going to end it the same way. With my best firends <3

What will 2010 bring? I can't wait to find out.

Thank you for a wonderful year, and let's have a good time in the new year as well!

Happy New Year everyone ~

Zarah ~

~ Happy New Year Japan! ~

Right now it's New Year in Japan!

Let's celebrate a wonderful 2010 together!

onsdag den 30. december 2009

~ ☆Happy ☆ ~

Hello everyone ~ ☆

Today I feel very happy!! And this is why :

じゃ~ん !
I bought a curling iron! Finally ! I've wanted one for such a long time, and finally I had the time and money to buy it ^^ ~ ☆

It came in this:

It's very nice, then I can carry it around, or take it with me when I'm going to sleep-overs and such :)

And here the beauty is :

I'm sorry for the quality ^^''
I can't wait to use it! And I will definetly use it tomorrow! I'm going to dress up from head to toe for New Years eve! I will definetly post a picture of my outfit! I have the most wonderful dress ready! ^^ And I will go buy a new pair of shoes tomorrow, if H&M is open. I saw the nicest shoes, and they would fit my dress perfectly.

What are you going to wear at New Years Eve?

After buying all these things, will I eve get to buy the new Perfume Triangle Tour DVD? >.< Well.. :p

I'm looking forward to create a lot of nice memories with my friends tomorrow! It's my first New Years party as a grown up :p Haha, authority ^^ ☆

I'll be back tomorrow!

Until then, bye bye ~

(A quick snapshot of me, very casual look btw)

tirsdag den 29. december 2009

~ Back for New Years ~


So now, I'm home!! ただいま~

I've been in Sweden for Christmas, and I had a very nice time, and I got some really nice presents :3

And now I'm just waiting for New Years Eve! I'm going to celebrate with a lot of friends, and we're going to have the best time! I can't wait!

I really feel the cold coming now. -.- I don't dislike winter and I really like December, but when it starts to get colder in January and February, I just wish for it to become Spring right away! I'm a summer girl I guess :P Haha..

Well, for a tiny manga update, I bought NANA vol 16 and B.O.D.Y. vol. 1 yesterday! I love both series, and it's great to add more to my collection ! ^^
I also bought a new skirt yesterday and a new pair of fake eyelashes! Yay ~ Time to look dazzling!

And another thing that I'm very exited about is this.....

Isn't it just the cutest?? I really like that Tsuji is making so many things and that she is being a very active idol! :3 But better is that I ordered this today :

Yaaay!!! I'm so happy to have orderd this, and what better is, it will only cost me 1070 yen to buy AND ship it!! That's around 60 DKK and around 11 USD!!! Yaay! I finally get my hands on some Tsuji merchandise :3 I'm sooo happy!

And my clothes was shipped out on Chirstmas eve, so that will be arriving soon too!! And tomorrow I will go buy a curling iron!! I'm using way too much money at the moment haha xD But it's not on worthless stuff, right? :p

That's it for now!

~ Zarah deshita / ザラでした~

torsdag den 17. december 2009

~Snow ~

Hello everyone :3

Yay, it's snowing!! It has been snowing here for the last few days, and it's finally becoming real winter! And I'm leaving for Sweden this Friday! I can't wait (>w<)

But aside from this, I got kind of bad news today ToT ...
I got a mail from saying that one of the items that I ordered are temporarily out of stock, and that I won't get it!! It's so sad, beause I was really looking forward to get it. And now for what item it was.... It was the striped hoodie from YUMI, and probably the item I wanted the most T-T
Well, I just hope it's there soon so that I can order it again.

Well, let's talk some music! ^_^
One of my favorite artists are ....... Perfume! I can't even desribe how much I love them! They equal awesomeness! <3

Nocchi is my favorite! Though, I do love them all! And I especially like their dances. I already learned Dream Fighter and Secret Secret! ^^ ~ And right now I'm working on Love the world. So many details o.o"
I'm going to buy their concert DVD next month! ^^ I can't wait!

Well, that's about it for now, and this might be my last post before Christmas since I will be going to Sweden, and I will only be able to write a post if I'm done with my paper , so please cheer me on! I've written 5 pags now ! ザラがんばってください!


This was Zarah~

mandag den 14. december 2009

Chirstmas ^_^ ~

Hello everyone!

Wow, Christmas is getting closer and closer! I just can't wait anymore! >o<
I really love Christmas, it's one of the best times of the year! And this year I will be in Sweden for Christmas! I'm leaving with my family this Friday, so 4 more days! It's going to be amazing! Last year it was snowing on Christmas Eve when we were there, so if we're lucky it will snow again! ^_^
Are you all going somewhere special for Christmas?
And also, I have been buying a lot of Christmas presents! I really enjoy buying presents for my friends and family, and I can't wait to see their expressions when they open them! ^.^ <3

But aside from all this, I'm actually really busy at the moment! And that's because I'm working on a big paper about Sweeney Todd -.- It's a big paper that all 3rd year High School students in Denmark has to do, and it has to be 15-20 pages long. It's really exausting to be writing it, but also a little fun, since we choose what we want to write about ourselves. It just has to be linked to 2 of our main subjects (in my case English and Drama/Theater). We have to hand it in this Friday though, so the suffering will soon be over! ^_^ Yay~ <3

I will be writing again tomorrow about some music and a movie I watched yesterday! Please look forward to it :3

Zarah ~

fredag den 11. december 2009

~ A 100 Days With Mr Arrogant ~

Hello everyone :3

So, today I watched this movie :

"A 100 Days With Mr Arrogant" !! It was so, so, so much fun!! I laughed so much watching this ^^ It's a very funny story, but it's also full of romance and a little sadness. A typical comedy/romance movie ^-^
You should watch it if:
1) You like funny movies with some romance
2) You like Korean movies
3) You like cute Korean boys! (Kim Jae Won is eye-candy ^.< ~)

Mata ne~ <3<3

Hello everyone!

So, today my friend and I ordered our clothes from!!

I ordered 3 items and she ordered 8!! O.O Well, she ordered this much because she doesn't buy clothes very often and then when she is shopping, she's buying a lot ^-^
So here are the items I ordered:

First up this dress from YUMI which I showed you in my previous post too ^^ I really love it!

Next up is this hoodie from YUMI! I really love this one too!

The last one is this shirt!! I love the ribbons on the back :3

I can't wait to get these items! They will arrive in the start of January! I love yesstyle!!! ^.< ~

mandag den 7. december 2009

Yes style~ <3

Hello everyone :3

So are you enjoying December? I definetly am ^_^~

I will start buying christmas presents soon! And also I'm going to do some shopping for myself too! My friend and I decided to try online shopping, and the first thing that came to my mind was ''. And surprisingly enough, my friend really likes the site now!

So here are some of the items I have my eyes on :

First is this really cute hoodie from Taiwanese brand YUMI! I tend to fall for items with stripes and pom-pom's at the moment, so this fits perfectly with what I want >w<

Next is this adorable striped dress! It's also from YUMI. I really love the bow in front, and I have a weakness for black and white, striped items o.o <3

Then there's this absolutely cute over-sized shirt/dress from Elli's Cabinet! I think it looks a lot like the dress from YUMI, but I really have a thing for things with the following things : Black and white, stripes, bows. Haha , I really can't help it :p

I could show you a lot more items, but I don't want this post to be a novel xD Haha.. I will post some pictures with me wearing the items when I get them! I really can't wait >w<

And now for the manga corner. I'm reading Ouran High School Host Club at the moment, and it's a blast! xD It's so much fun!! I can't stop reading it! All the characters are so amazing, and I love them all <3 But I have to say that the twins are my favorites! But the rest are really close to being my favorites too ^_^ Watch out Hitachii~n <3

Last, but not least, a little music update. I got a lot of new songs this weekend, the majority being K-pop. I will write more about this later :3

C ya!


mandag den 30. november 2009

Soon December

Hello everyone :3

So, it's the last day of November, and that means... It's December 1st tomorrow! I can't believe it's Christmas so soon! It's amazing. I'm hoping for a White Christmas ^_^
And yesterday is was Advent ^^ I'm not sure if I got the right word though :p
So did you get presents? I'm not sure if it's a tradition all over the world, but here in Denmark we get presents all 4 Advents. And I got such an amazing gift! Here it is :

The 2 first volumes of Fushigi Yugi and Pocky and Koara candy <3 I can't believe that my mom actually bought manga for me! She never does! o.o But it was a pleasant surprise, and Fushigi Yugi is really good! I'm definetly gonna buy the next volumes too! Well, if I don't get them next Sunday :p


lørdag den 28. november 2009

New design!

Hello ~

I got a new design for my blog!!
It's made by my friend Lina <33 I love it soo much! It's Tsuji Nozomi on the picture (of course). And the colors look sooo pretty with the picture, and it fits me perfectly!! And I love the butterfly too!! ^_^

And another thing, I watched New Moon today with my mom, her husband and my sister!! It was really good! The story is so captivating and exiting!! I always get caught up in the movies I watch, and this was no exception xD

Zarah ~

fredag den 27. november 2009

Hello ~ <3

Hi everyone!!
How are you? ^^~
I'm feeling quite energetic at the moment! And that's amazing since I've been sick lately! I made a nive recovery, yay! I really hate being sick -.-

Well, this time I will be talking about SAG-show again. ^^~
As I already said, I'm a choreograph and now, all the dance auditions are over!! It was really tough! I have been dancing all days for the past two weeks! My body is sooo tired now -.- But it payed of!! Because I made it into two dances! And as a choreograph it's only allowed to be in two other dances than your own!! ^_^ I'm so happy about it, and I can't wait to start :3

Aaah, tonight I'm getting my favorite food xD I just had to say it :3 I can post a picture of it later! It's so delicious ^^ It has something to do with curry!! Then I won't tell you more :3

Byye ~

torsdag den 19. november 2009

Mixed stuff ~

Hello everyone, how are you? ^^

I'm feeling very tired at the moment -.- zZz

But at the same time I'm exited, because so many things are happening!! I'm really getting better at Japanese, and I can really feel the progress after we got a new teacher this year. He's very talented, and a very nice person. I'm glad that he's my teacher! :3

And another thing that is progressing is my dance for the SAG-show this February! My two fellow choreographs and I held auditions, and there were so many good dancers! I can't wait to start making the dance! It's gonna be so much fun! ^-^

And lately I've been thinking about wanting to change my style a little. I mean, I am trying to, but I don't think it's going that well, I always end in my comfort zone. But I want to dress more cute! I really love the clothes from 59 Seconds, Dodo Style and Yumi at the moment. I want to wear their clothes!! And I really want to dress like Tsuji-chan too. I love her outfits! Stylish and cute <3

Oh, and how do you like my little playlist at the sidebar? :) Though there is one son I didn't mean to put there, and that is 'Bravo Bravo Bravo'. I found out that it's a dub, and I just wanted the Buono version -.-
Oh, and all the songs by Niji Kirei are my sister and me singing :3

Oh and last, but not least here's a picture of one of my favorite actors at the moment, Narimiya Hiroki <3 He's just eyecandy, seriously hot!! >w<

I'm having this picture as my screensaver at the moment, so everytime I turn on my computer, I am overwhelmed by some hotness :p

mandag den 9. november 2009

My birthday ~

Hello ~

So, it was my bitrhday November 5th and I turned 18!
It's so weird to think that I'm a grown up now, and that I will be able to do a lot of things now, that I couldn't before.

Oh and I got a haircut too! Here's before and after pictures ^^
First before:

It was sooo long! And I had so many split ends -.-

And now after:

I know I look a little scary in this picture ! I look so strange -.-

Well, that's my new haircut, and I really like it ^^

And now for what I got for my birtday! I will post the pics later too!

These are the things I got from my mom and her husband:
- A silver 160GB iPod
- A pink SAMSUNG digital camera + memory card
- A pair of boots from CA-SHOT (They have a slight biker look)
- A really wonderful dress from TOPSHOP. It's red and black ^^
- A checked shirt from TOPSHOP, black and white

From my dad:
- A Packardbell computer ^^

From my sister:
- A Death Note box with picture-cards and the Death Note rules written on them ^^
- A Ouran badge :3

And yeah, pictures will come later ^^

See ya ~

tirsdag den 3. november 2009

Hello <3

Hello everyone!

(NOTICE!! NANA spoilers follow in this entry >.<)

It's my birthday this Thursday and I'm turning 18!
It's so weird to think of, and it just moves closer and closer! >.<''

Well, some other things.. First up, I'm getting a haircut tomorrow! And I'm thinking of a haircut like this :

Well, my hair looks a lot like it now too actually, but it's just longer ^^' So I'm not gonna change it that much. I will be sure to put a picture here on the blog :3

Here is what my hair looks like at the moment (except, I dyed it, so it's brown now!) :

And actually you can't see how long my hair is in this picture either!! >x< Well, I just wanted to give you an idea of what it looks like :p

And another thing, I just read chapter 84 of NANA!! Oh my god, this is really my all time favortie manga now!! I absolutely can't wait for more to come!! I really like NanaXNobu, and in my wildest dreams she will leave Takumi for Nobu! x3 They are my favorite pair of the manga <3 Have you all read NANA?? If not you should!! It's so touching T~T <3<3<3
I got one of my best friends to read it, and she loves it too! She keeps telling me how good it is, and we are having a movie night where we watch the two NANA movies too! I'm so glad I have them! Well I think it's a series for everyone, so please be sure to check it out!!

Oh, and after my B-day I will post pictures of what I got! xD I hope to get a curling iron and clothes of course! :3

See you all later ~

mandag den 26. oktober 2009


Hello everyone!

Sorry for not updating or a while, but I forgot my password for the blog! So embarrasing -.-

Well, many things have happened. First up, Umeda Erika officially graduated from Hello! Project and C-ute on the 25th of October. It's sad to see her go, but I wish her the best of luck! I hope she will get popular as a model.

Also the Halloween items finally came on pupe! They are so cute!
And I'm also in love with the Alice Deco items, they are so cute! It's just too bad that they only are sold for jewels >.<"

Oh, and it's my birthday soon! I turn 18 in 10 days! It's so surreal. I can't get used to the thought of me being an adult -.- I won't make a very good one! >.< Please let me be a child a little longer :3
Well, I guess there's no way round it after all ^_^ I'll get used to it!

Another thing, I'm reading NANA at the moment, and I've made to chapter 77!! O.O
I love the story so much <3 I only have the first 14 volumes, but there are 4 more available where I live, so it won't take long before I buy them! I really admire Yazawa Ai's work. Her abillity to think of so many great charcters is amazing. She's one of my favorite mangaka's! You should really try to read some of her mangas, they are exceptionally good!! ^.^

And that's about it for now! :3
See ya~

fredag den 9. oktober 2009

My second pupe <3

Hello again ~ ^^

I just signed up for an ameba blog! I don't really know how to navigate around on the page yet, cause it's all Japanese! Well, I'll learn soon I think ^_^

Well, then this blog will belong to my second pupe Momoko <3 But I will be posting info about both of them of course !

So here Momoko is <3

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

She's cute right? Please add her here.

onsdag den 7. oktober 2009

Tsuji Nozomi~

Yaay, Tsuji Nozomi got a pupe!!!

And she made a super cute pupe too!

She is one of my all time favorite singers and idols <3 She's so cute ^^
I read her blog everyday, and now I can be friends with her on pupe too <3
It's a dream coming true!

It's just too bad that you I can't write a message to her or comment her clothes >.<

Well, Tsuji-chan I love you <3

søndag den 4. oktober 2009

Pupe <3

I want to put these in the sidebar, but I don't know how to do it >.<

poupeegirl fashion brand community

Hello~ <3

Ah, it's fall, and I'm starting to feel it now!
The weather is getting much colder ~ !

I can't wait for fall break! It starts the 9th of October, and I'm going to Sweden in our vacation house! It's going to be nice and relaxing :3

It's nice to have a break so shortly after school started! But the time also went really fast >.< I hope the rest of the year will do so too, so that I can finish my last year quick :p I can't wait to be done!

torsdag den 1. oktober 2009

Many updates!!

Waah~ I love Japan ^-^
And what more, I found a special word today.
It's.... Japanophile! Japanophilia is an interest in, or love of, Japan and all things Japanese. One who has such an interest or love is a Japanophile
Haha, so that's what I am ^_^

Oh, and yesterday my sister bought Shugo Chara vol 7! It's so good!
Have you read it? ^_^ I really like it <3 And I love Ikuto! :3 He's so cute <3

And today I found out something amazing! The new Hangry and Angry album will be released here in Denmark from the 6th of November!! It's so amazing!! And it's the day after my 18th birthday, plus it's the day J-pop starts! (J-pop is a convention about Japanese pop culture held in Copenhagen each year in November)
This will be a very special day ^_^ I can't wait! <3

And now for my pupe , here she is !
Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

I really love the new items in Katharine shop! I already bought seven =3= They are just soooo cute!!

tirsdag den 29. september 2009

So unlucky

I'm sick at the moment -.-
It really sucks, and I don't feel good at all.
I've been sleeping all day! zZz -.-

But something good also happened today!
First up, I got 200 ribbons at Pupe for perfect attendance! Yay ^^

Also I became a choreograph today!
My school (Sankt Annae Gymnasium) is making a musical each year called SAG-show.
It's special because the students make evrything without help from the teachers. That would be manuscript, the songs, costumes, dances, posters and promotion, well everything! And I'm going to make one of the dances! I'm so exited ^^
The link for thewebside is here

mandag den 28. september 2009

My outfit ~

I just wanted to post a picture of what I wore the other day ^_^
So here it is ! Cute right?

Paradise Kiss

I just finished reading Paradise Kiss!
It was sooo good ^.^ <3
I started reading it Saturday, so I finished it pretty fast.
The story is so good!

Here's the cover for the first volume!
It features George <3
I really admire Yazawa-san's abilities. She's so talented!
Please read it, it's really god!

Pupe love <3

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

Here is my snapshot for the day <3
I loved the items from the time I bought the dress and the boots and the balloons!
It was around christmas last year.

It's soon Hallowwen!
You all know what that means... Cute Halloween costumes at Katharine Shop!
Sadly I didn't have my pupe at that time last year -.-'' But this year I will be sure to have a cute Halloween outfit!

søndag den 27. september 2009

My pupe

So here she is again <3

This time I made a low-key outfit ^^
Cause I really wanted to use the shoes <3

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

Manga and anime


Here is my first manga/anime post! ^-^

Lately I've been hooked on Yazawa Ai's manga. She's just so great! NANA is my favorite of hers so far! But then again, the only other manga of hers I've read is vol. 01 of Paradise Kiss x3
Well, I plan on reading much more! Her stories are so catchy <3

On the anime front it's still CLANNAD. But somehow I can't get myself to watch more, cause what happened in the episode I just watched was simply too sad. I think I'll just concentrate on Higurashu no Naku Koro ni again! ^_^ <3

lørdag den 26. september 2009


I love my sister <3
She just gave me a gift on pupe to cheer me up

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

It's a balloon with 'Fight' written on it.

I will!!

Youtube acconut

Hi !
I thought I would let you know that I have a youtube account as well, and I use it to upload videos of me and my sister singing and dancing! Plus I'm uploading Yorosen episodes at the moment. Please take a look here.


I'm really sad right now.
My wallet was stolen today T^T
It's just so unfortunate. I had so many things in it.
Luckily I didn't have much cash, and I called in and got my card blocked.
And on top of that just I watched episode 17 of CLANNAD After Story, and it's so sad!
I need something to cheer me up now T-T

fredag den 25. september 2009

My pupe ~

Here is my pupe <3
She's called Zara-chan !
I tried to make her look like me as much as I could, except of the clothing ^^
Well here she is :

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

I really like this dress, and I bought it recently at pupe market! So happy ^^


Hi everyone!
Thank you for reading my blog!

This is my first post, and I'll tell what my blog will be about.
First up it will be about pupe girl <3 It will be about the manga and anime I like, the music I like and maybe even about my fashion! Well, I'll probably write about whatever comes to my mind, so please read it! ^_^

From Zaa-chan <3