My birthday ~

Hello ~

So, it was my bitrhday November 5th and I turned 18!
It's so weird to think that I'm a grown up now, and that I will be able to do a lot of things now, that I couldn't before.

Oh and I got a haircut too! Here's before and after pictures ^^
First before:

It was sooo long! And I had so many split ends -.-

And now after:

I know I look a little scary in this picture ! I look so strange -.-

Well, that's my new haircut, and I really like it ^^

And now for what I got for my birtday! I will post the pics later too!

These are the things I got from my mom and her husband:
- A silver 160GB iPod
- A pink SAMSUNG digital camera + memory card
- A pair of boots from CA-SHOT (They have a slight biker look)
- A really wonderful dress from TOPSHOP. It's red and black ^^
- A checked shirt from TOPSHOP, black and white

From my dad:
- A Packardbell computer ^^

From my sister:
- A Death Note box with picture-cards and the Death Note rules written on them ^^
- A Ouran badge :3

And yeah, pictures will come later ^^

See ya ~


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