Mixed stuff ~

Hello everyone, how are you? ^^

I'm feeling very tired at the moment -.- zZz

But at the same time I'm exited, because so many things are happening!! I'm really getting better at Japanese, and I can really feel the progress after we got a new teacher this year. He's very talented, and a very nice person. I'm glad that he's my teacher! :3

And another thing that is progressing is my dance for the SAG-show this February! My two fellow choreographs and I held auditions, and there were so many good dancers! I can't wait to start making the dance! It's gonna be so much fun! ^-^

And lately I've been thinking about wanting to change my style a little. I mean, I am trying to, but I don't think it's going that well, I always end in my comfort zone. But I want to dress more cute! I really love the clothes from 59 Seconds, Dodo Style and Yumi at the moment. I want to wear their clothes!! And I really want to dress like Tsuji-chan too. I love her outfits! Stylish and cute <3

Oh, and how do you like my little playlist at the sidebar? :) Though there is one son I didn't mean to put there, and that is 'Bravo Bravo Bravo'. I found out that it's a dub, and I just wanted the Buono version -.-
Oh, and all the songs by Niji Kirei are my sister and me singing :3

Oh and last, but not least here's a picture of one of my favorite actors at the moment, Narimiya Hiroki <3 He's just eyecandy, seriously hot!! >w<

I'm having this picture as my screensaver at the moment, so everytime I turn on my computer, I am overwhelmed by some hotness :p


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