søndag den 30. maj 2010

Summer + A Fangirl

It's almost June 1st, and the summer is sneaking up on us! Despite the rainy weather today, I'm still ever so excited about summer!

And sorry about this, but I can't help myself. I totally LOVE G-DRAGON ! And of course BIG BANG. But GD is my oppa <3 Love him ^^

Bye ~

fredag den 28. maj 2010

A long day

I've had a long day !!

I was supposed to work from 10-13 today, but I just couldn't get inside the store! My key simply wasn't working :(
It was so strange since it worked yesterday, even though I did try out for about 30 minutes before the I got the lock. But today I wasn't just as lucky..

I stood outside in the cold rainy weather for 2 hours!!! JUST trying to open the door. And I only got into the store because Monica, who also works there, lived nearby so I could use her key to get in. Seriously, I was SO frustrated.. I mean 2 hours?? Gaah ... -.-
And the weather has been so crazy today! I need sunshine!

And here's an outfit from last week. I forgot to post it >.<

Jumpsuit: Monki
Skirt: H&M

Now I will go back to studying. I'm reading so much these days! It's tough :/

Bye ~ <3

onsdag den 26. maj 2010

Magazine reviews

I think I'll start doing some magazine reviews.

I've thought of this for a while, and I think it could be fun!

What do you think of this? Yay or nay?

Oh, and it will be Japanese magazines of course ^^

Bye <3

tirsdag den 25. maj 2010

My jumpsuit in ViVi July issue

I just read in the latest ViVi magazine, and look! It's my jumpsuit from Zara! I got so excited and happy when I saw this! It really is my favorite jumpsuit, so it's so cool to see it in ViVi mag! :D

And I had my first exam today!! I think I did pretty good :3 But let's see, I won't know before in a month or so ^^
Tomorrow is my music exam :S I hope I will do well!


lørdag den 22. maj 2010

It's over!

Wow, it's all over now.

10 years at Sankt Annæ is now over, and all I have left to do now is my examns.

Camilla, Astrid and I Thursday night before our exams were announced.

It's so strange to be done. It just went so fast! I can't believe that 10 years went by so fast.

So I have 8 exams -.- 3 written exams which are Spanish, Danish & music. That's pretty okay, and I think I'll do pretty good :3

And as for my other exams I have music also, English :D, geography, religion and AT. AT is kind of special, and I don't really feel like explaining it right now xD

Right now I'm working on a study-plan. There's so much to read >.<


onsdag den 19. maj 2010

Outfit - Summer + 1 day left

Jumpsuit: Zara
Cardigan: Thelin
Hat: H&M

The summer is definetly moving closer! It's been so hot these last few days :D
And tomorrow is my last day at school with classes!!! It's so great! ^^

We also get to know which examns we will have to take tomorrow! I know 5 of my examns now, but I still have 3 left. There are some subjects that I really don't want to do while there are some I would love to do ^^
It's actually a little exciting :D Haha.


New job and lovely weather


I got a reply this morning about my job interview this Monday, and I got the job!! :D

Now almost everything is going the way I want! Tomorrow is my last day at school with classes. I just can't wait anymore ^^

Also, the weather is amazing! The sun is shining and it's SO hot outside!! I'll post a picture of my (I think) very summer inspired outfit later ^^

tirsdag den 18. maj 2010

Feeling down..

I'm feeling pretty down right now..
It's because of different things, but I don't want to talk about it here..

Another thing I want to write a little about is regrets.
Now that school is almost over for good, I started to look back at my 3 years of high school, and there are a lot of things that I regret.
Mostly I regret that I didn't put more effort into some subjects. It's too late no anyway, but still xD

Oh, and I now have 11 subscribers to my blog! ^^
It's not much, but it's a sign that there are someone reading, so I'm happy.

2 days of school left. It's so amazing <3

mandag den 17. maj 2010

Examns, examns, examns

I now know 5 of my examns.. It's a little nervewrecking since 2 of them are in next week.. It's so surreal!!
I have 4 days left of school, but I don't get it yet.. My last real schoolday is Thursdaym and Friday we get to walk around the school in crazy costumes and throw caramels and water at everyone! Haha xD

I also went to a job interview today. I actually think it went pretty well. I celebrated with ice-cream when I got home <3
I really hope I get the job!! I REALLY need it >.<

And here at last I want to share some music:

First up is BIG BANG's new song 'Tell Me Goodbye'
I'm soooo loving this :D Especially my GD! He's wonderful and incredibly hot and cute <3

And then Super Junior's new sing 'BONAMANA'
It actually reminds me a lot of 'Sorry Sorry' because of the similar beat, but I still think that there are a lot of differences in the 2 songs.
And it's the live version from Inkigayo :D I just lobe the dance!

Bye ~ xoxo

lørdag den 15. maj 2010

Meeting up with Maria

I'm on my way to meet up with my friend Maria, and I just wanted to post a picture of my outfit.

Shirt/Dress: Gina Tricot
Cardigan: Thelin
Jeans: Cheap Monday

I also tried to wear the scarf as a hairaccessory. I see it all the time in my fave magazines, and I really wanted to try it out. I think it looks pretty cute ^^

And I'm going out with Astrid later! It's going to be great <3<3

fredag den 14. maj 2010

Prom ~


Wednesday we finally had prom at our school! It was so much fun! We had some pretty nice food and partied all night long ^^

Here are some pictures of my outfit:

Astrid, my BFF, is in the first picture with me <3
Click the images to make them bigger.


My outfit is pretty simple, but I still love it! I got so many compliments on my hair, and people was so surprised, when I said I did it myself. :3

I'm home alone this weekend, and I've been home alone since Wednesday. I'm already starting to get a little bored though xD
But tomorrow I have a few things to do! I'm having a job interview!! I'm so exited! :D I hope that it will go well. Wish me luck!

mandag den 10. maj 2010

A very nice day

I had a very nice day today :3

First, I went to buy a new pair of lashes! So I got a new number 07 <3 I just can't live without them ^^

Then I went to pick up my sister at the daycare, and we went to Kongens Have, where I bought her ice cream :3

Then our mom came and joined us, and we walked around in the park for some time :)
On our way home, we stopped by an adorable store, where they sell children's clothing, and they actually needed assistance in the store, so I maybe got a job :D
I called the store manager, and she will call me back later! I really hope I can get it, it would be so perfect :3

And now I only have 7 days of school left!! It's sooo amazing :D


søndag den 9. maj 2010

Hello ~

Another weekend is over too fast. Well, I only have 2 weeks left of school, so that makes me in a better mood :3

But I'm actually looking forward to whis week. Wednesday there's the party at my school! It's going to be great :3 And Thursday there's a Galaxy meet up. We're going to Chilimili to eat lunch together ^^

However I'm actually kind of sad right now :( My camera broke yesterday!!! Well, it can be fixed, but I'm not sure if it'll be fixed before Wednesday.. It's just SO unlucky and annoying.. Gaaah ... And one of my MAC eyelashes are broken as well, so I have to buy a new pair.

One last thing, I'm learning a dance xD It's actually relly funny, and it's great work-out :3 I'm learning Muzik by 4minute :

I know the first 30 seconds I think xD Let's see how long it takes before I'm done :P


EDIT: I fixed my camera!!!! :DD Happy again ^^ <3

fredag den 7. maj 2010


SO here they are:

I love them!

And also my white dress, which actually is a tunic, but I'm short, so I can use it as a dress:

onsdag den 5. maj 2010

New dresses, new shoes

I bought two dresses and a new pair of shoes! Yay ^^ ~

I decided to buy another pair of shoes than the ones from ALDO. I really liked them, but the ones I bought now is even more lovely <3 And I can use them for almost EVERYTHING afterwards. I'll post ictures later :3

A also exchanged the dress I was supposed to wear on the 12th. Again I found something that was more me. I bought this gorgeous sexy black dress :D The other one was purple and more cute, but I don't think I would use it much afterwards. This one though, I'm sure I will :3

The last thing I got was a cute white dress. When we're done with our exams, each class drive around in a big truck (or somehing alike), in the city. It's a tradition here in Denmark. On the ride we visit all our classmember's families, drink a lot o beer, and we have to wear white clothes.

I will post pictures of it later, but I just got home, so I don't feel like doing it right now xD


tirsdag den 4. maj 2010


I went to ALDO today to look for a new pair of shoes. There's this party at my school the 12th for the 3rd years. It would probably be the same as a prom, but it's not that up-scale.
Well, because of that party I had to get a new dress and shoes of course. AND my mom's paying for it :D I LOVE YOU MOM <3<3

I got them put aside (cause I didn't bring the money today) and I'm picking them up tomorrow. Here are my babies:

I'll post a better picture when I get them tomorrow <3

Outfit for today:

Jacket: H&M
Shirt (striped): H&M
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Shoes: H&M

And seriously, I keep playing this song at repeat atm :

mandag den 3. maj 2010

I want

.. a new blog design. I know Lina just made this for me, but I think it's too pink! And seriously, I love pink xD I'll see what I can do :3

And I also want this:

Denim Shirt from TOPSHOP

I'm totally into the denim trend, and this would be so great for spring and summer. I'm not a big fan of the traditional denim jacket, but this can be styled in so many ways!

Oh, and I applied for two jobs today. I hope I can at least get an answer this time -.-