tirsdag den 29. april 2014

Tokyo Day 6 - Shinjuku

Alright, day 6 of our trip! Unfortunately, this was also our last day before going back home to Copenhagen :(

Starting the day out with a beauty drink from Shiseido. They taste delicious!

This day we decided to go to Shinjuku. There were actually a lot of places I wanted to go, but only had one day left, and unfortunately not time enough for any more places :(

Hua blending in hehe

Arrived in Shinjuku! It was actually a bit confusing getting there with the metro. You have to change lines, but it's 2 different companies that owns them, so you have to buy 2 separate tickets :/

Shinjuku looks a lot like a business place, if you ask me :) It was really fun to see. Shinjuku is supposedly the busiest metro station in the world, with over 1 million people walking through every day (if i remember correctly). 

Some salad from 7-11. Usually I goto 7-11 a lot when I'm in Asia, but this time I didn't. We used Family Mart instead :)

One of the elevators in Lumine Est had some really cute decorations :) Lumine Est has a lot of good shops actually. Including EMODA :D

They had Ladurée in Lumine (1 or 2). It looked really delicious, but I was not so much in the mood for it :/ Luckily my mom will buy some macaroons for me, while she's in Paris hehe :)

Kiko !! <3 p="">

This also looked so yummy!! 

We went to one of the restaurant floors in the department store MYLORD, and we made a wonderful discovery. Our favorite ramen shop!!!! *O* We had this in Hong Kong for the first time around 2 years ago, and it is ti this day, the best ramen I've ever had. So when we found the restaurant in Shinjuku, we were so happy (Okay, maybe mostly me haha). It tastes sooooooo good!!!

After, we went shopping again! Had to get the last things before going home. I got an awesome pair of shoes from Jeanasis!

Hua also got some shoes! He ended up buying 2 pairs. 1 pair Nike Air Max and 1 pair of Vans.

Also, I just had to try one of these. Couldn't even finish it haha, but didn't matter. It had strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, strawberries, pocky, a waffle and a piece of cheesecake under the whipped cream. 

In the evening we went to Ikebukuro for dinner again. We went back to the restaurant we ate at the first night.

Ordered edamame beans

Got free starters. Some chicken and bean sprouts

Some big beans. Tasted a little strange to be honest.

I ordered some steak. It was yummy!

Hua ordered some grilled fish

Had to take a picture with the awesome ice cream vending machine! 

That was it for this post! It was an amazing trip, and I just wanna go back!

See you in the next one :)

tirsdag den 22. april 2014

Tokyo Day 5 - Bus Tour & Korakuen

Day 5 of our trip in lovely Tokyo

Starting the day out with ramen. They just taste so much better that what you can buy here in Denmark

This day, we decided to go on a guided bus tour. We were kind of tired from our night out, and we had talked about doing one anyways. 

It was really cool driving around and just seeing the city. It really made me realize just how big Tokyo is, and how little we actually got to see in our short week there. 

The highlight of the bus tour was Tokyo Tower. It is the second tallest building in Japan, and was the tallest before Skytree was built. It has a lot of history to it, and the Japanese believes that if you look at the tower, just when the lights turn on and make a wish the wish will come true. 

The remaining passengers on the bus (mostly Japanese people) were VERY excited about seeing this up-close. Hua and i had a bit of a laugh because of their reaction haha. It's pretty cool yeah, but not something I got overly excited about :)

A picture of the monorail! We were quite lucky that it passed by just as we drove by the tracks. 

A(not so good) picture of the Rainbow bridge, the second highlight of the tour. It was hard to get a good picture because of the railing on the bus. 

Cutie !!! :3

The Ferris Wheel! :)

This was an old theater, but unfortunately I don't remember what they said about it on the bus tour :/ It was really pretty though. 

After the bus tour, we went to one of the nearby department stores and looked around a bit. We were actually really tired by this time, but we wanted to use our time wisely. 

After shopping a bit, we went back to our hotel, and found a restaurant nearby for lunch. We had passed this little Indian place quite a few times, so we decided to try it out. 

Mango Lassi. A little bland :/

The food smelled and looked super delicious, but it lacked in taste, which was a shame. It was very cheap though. 

Later on in the evening, we decided to check the area around Tokyo Dome out. Apparently, there's an amusement park, a Japanese garden a a good handful of shops and restaurants there. Plus a supermarket! Why is it, that you always find out some of the best things, when you don't have enough time to explore it properly? 

We picked one of the places for dinner. Hua ordered udon

And I ordered katsu

After shopping and eating, we went back to the hotel, but not before going to the convenient store! We went to Lawson's this time

That's it for this post! Writing these makes me wanna go back again SO bad!

See you in the next one :)

fredag den 18. april 2014

Tokyo Day 4 - Family Mart, Akihabara and Club Camelot

Day 4! And long post ahead!

As per usual we went to family mart before heading to the train for some  on the go snacks and drinks. 
This is just one part of their drinks. There's ice tea, milk, juice, yoghurt and other things here. 

Hua is looking at the soft drinks

And this is something quite special. You will find one of these counters in every Japanese convenience store. These are all small energy or boost drinks. There are some filled with vitamins, some are energy drinks, much stronger than red bull, and some are, what I like to call, beauty drinks. 

Here is a selection of different jellies. Hua got the litchi one a few times, and it was yummy!

Here is a little sakura selection, which they only have this time of the year. Lots of fun things here, but we didn't try any.

And now we're headed to Akihabara! It's known for having all sorts of electronics, manga and anime, maid cafe's, and so on.

There's a lot of AKB48 advertisements here as well.

We went to Don Quijote, and there was sooo many things! I got caught up in the eyelash section for quite some time. 

Dolly Wink *o*

In Don Quijote we bought the most DELICIOUS ice cream ever! At first we just thought it was frozen grapes.

This is what they look like. They taste like the sweet Asian grapes, and they have a kind of thick liquid inside, but damn they were so good! Unfortunately we couldn't find them in any other store D:

Before heading back to the hotel room to relax a bit, we went for a quick lunch at a restaurant called Saizeriya. It serves Italian food.


Grean beas with bacon and half boiled egg

Risotto. And I also got some pasta, but forgot to take a picture. All this was very very cheap! The risotto and pasta were only 400 yen each (around 20 DKK) and the side dishes 200 yen each. Plus the drinks were free. 

After relaxing (and napping) at the hotel, we went to Ikebukuro once again for dinner. We opted for yakiniku again. We found a really good one too! You pay 3000 yen each (150 DKK), and then it's all you can eat for 90 minutes. You have selection of 50 different dishes, which you can just keep ordering from. 

And free salad bar of course

They first give you a plate with 4 different meat. Here's beef tongue, pork, lean beef and beef ribs. YUMMY

*Drools* it's just so god damn delicious.


Cold noodle soup

Pork with Japanese mustard

The menu. There is 18 different kinds of meat to choose from!

And what is yakiniku without beer?

After dinner we went searching for a bar. We couldn't really find a bar, which just survey drinks, since it's not the Japanese norm, but in the end we ended up at T.G.I. Fridays

First, we ordered long island's

And some other cocktails later :)

Daquiri <3 p="">

After getting a decent amount of alcohol we headed to Shibuya for clubbing! We decided to take a cap, because we thought the metro stopped running at midnight, so we got into one. After driving a while, Hua REALLY needed to pea. So much that he almost couldn't hold it in, so we ended up stopping the cap in Harajuku and getting off to find a toilet. We went down to the metro station, Hua found a toilet, and we found out the last train was leaving soon. So we could've saved around 3000 yen, if we had known the trains were still going xD

We ended up at club Camelot in Shibuya.

It was a lot of fun! And their drinks were pretty cheap too. 

We had a very fun night, and a good end to they day !

See you in the next post