Tokyo Day 6 - Shinjuku

Alright, day 6 of our trip! Unfortunately, this was also our last day before going back home to Copenhagen :(

Starting the day out with a beauty drink from Shiseido. They taste delicious!

This day we decided to go to Shinjuku. There were actually a lot of places I wanted to go, but only had one day left, and unfortunately not time enough for any more places :(

Hua blending in hehe

Arrived in Shinjuku! It was actually a bit confusing getting there with the metro. You have to change lines, but it's 2 different companies that owns them, so you have to buy 2 separate tickets :/

Shinjuku looks a lot like a business place, if you ask me :) It was really fun to see. Shinjuku is supposedly the busiest metro station in the world, with over 1 million people walking through every day (if i remember correctly). 

Some salad from 7-11. Usually I goto 7-11 a lot when I'm in Asia, but this time I didn't. We used Family Mart instead :)

One of the elevators in Lumine Est had some really cute decorations :) Lumine Est has a lot of good shops actually. Including EMODA :D

They had Ladurée in Lumine (1 or 2). It looked really delicious, but I was not so much in the mood for it :/ Luckily my mom will buy some macaroons for me, while she's in Paris hehe :)

Kiko !! <3 p="">

This also looked so yummy!! 

We went to one of the restaurant floors in the department store MYLORD, and we made a wonderful discovery. Our favorite ramen shop!!!! *O* We had this in Hong Kong for the first time around 2 years ago, and it is ti this day, the best ramen I've ever had. So when we found the restaurant in Shinjuku, we were so happy (Okay, maybe mostly me haha). It tastes sooooooo good!!!

After, we went shopping again! Had to get the last things before going home. I got an awesome pair of shoes from Jeanasis!

Hua also got some shoes! He ended up buying 2 pairs. 1 pair Nike Air Max and 1 pair of Vans.

Also, I just had to try one of these. Couldn't even finish it haha, but didn't matter. It had strawberry ice cream, whipped cream, strawberries, pocky, a waffle and a piece of cheesecake under the whipped cream. 

In the evening we went to Ikebukuro for dinner again. We went back to the restaurant we ate at the first night.

Ordered edamame beans

Got free starters. Some chicken and bean sprouts

Some big beans. Tasted a little strange to be honest.

I ordered some steak. It was yummy!

Hua ordered some grilled fish

Had to take a picture with the awesome ice cream vending machine! 

That was it for this post! It was an amazing trip, and I just wanna go back!

See you in the next one :)


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