Arriving in Japan + Day 1

We are in Japan, and it's SUPER amazing!! So here's a post about the trip over and our first day in Tokyo :)

The mandatory Starbucks before take-off 

We saw these beautiful mountains shortly before landing. The flight was 11 hours long, the longest we've ever tried, but I actually felt like it passed quite fast. I think it was due to my excitement.

Very tired, but excited! We ended up being awake for a little over 24 hours, and we're also still jet lagged 

After arriving in the airport we got our luggage and got on the train to Tokyo Main Station. It takes a little less than 1 hours from the airport, and costs around 80 DKK each for one way. 

Refreshment for the train

After arriving at Tokyo Main station we went out to get something to eat, since we had a couple of hours to kill before we could check in to our hotel in Korakuen. We walked around for a couple of minutes before going into this little ramen shop.

Hua's ramen. Spicy!

And my. I got miso ramen, and it was delicious <3 p="">
After eating we went back to the station and took the MR to Korakuen. We were still early for check-in, but we left our luggage there, and walked around a bit. 

Went to a little cafe for some drinks

After checking in we slept for a couple of hours, and it was much needed! In the evening we went to Ikebukuro for dinner.

Ikebukuro has at least 4 different huge department stores, so definitely going back for shopping! They have EMODA and MURUA in PARCO !!

We found a street filled with restaurants, and a lot of places display their food like this

We pretty much chose a random one, but the menu looked quite impressive. 

Before our food arrived, we got one of these each for free. It's wakame with some kind of jellyfish (we think). Hua thought it was delicious, and it was actually the think he liked the most out of what we ordered.

Hua's sashimi

And small scallops with butter

I ordered some gyoza, but they were not really that amazing. I've been craving gyoza for so long, and this wasn't it. 

Also got some beef, but this actually tasted like something you can get home in Denmark. A bit like shish kebab xD

All in all, it was an okay experience, but not super fantastic. It was cheap though, as we payed around 160 DKK in total for everything. 

We ended our evening walking around in Ikebukuro, and I also got a little refreshment at Starbucks. 

So that was our first day! See you in the next post :)


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