fredag den 16. maj 2014

Enjoying Spring

A couple of weeks back, spring finally hit Copenhagen! That it's basically gone now is another thing though. But it was enjoyed nonetheless! Hua and I also had a couple of outings, so that we could enjoy the sunshine.

We went to Frederiksberg to get some frozen yoghurt at Frozberry :) And we went to a nearby mini park.

There were some really beautiful trees! They remind me of sakura :) And this is also a reason why I love spring. Flowers everywhere! 

Okay, sorry for the spamming of me, but the trees look so pretty in the background (#excuse)


On our way home we bought groceries for dinner

And I picked up these Angry Birds sodas!! Pretty yummy actually :D

We kind of made our own barbecue in the kitchen hehe. It was really nice :)

All lined up!


We also went to Frederiksberg Gardens one day, since the weather was lovely :) 



We had pho <3 :="" able="" and="" banana="" being="" delicious="" enjoy="" i="" it="" like="" nice="" out="" p="" pocky.="" really="" s="" sun="" the="" these="" this="" to="" tried="">

See you in the next one :D

tirsdag den 6. maj 2014

Ladies' Night

A couple of weeks back (after we came back from Japan) I had some of my lovely ladies over for some fun :)

Tried out some of the eyelashes I bought in Japan, and I really love the way they look! :D

The ladies arrived early in the evening for dinner. Celia and I made curry. 
Now, have some pictures !

Hua and his friends Sameh was also there for some time, so we played some drinking games :)
And look at my gorgeous friends hehe. 


Lovely Maiken :)

Celiaaa <3 p="">


Gangsta Celia hehe

Selfies hahaha xD

Oscar style selfie :)

I love these girls!!!

Also got to use my polaroid camera quite a lot :D 

We ended up just staying at my apartment all night, dancing, singing and drinking. I love those kind of nights. Thank you for being my friends love ladies :')