søndag den 31. oktober 2010

5 Days

And I turn 19! :D

Wow, the last year has passed by so fast! I can't believe it.

I'm looking so much forward to Friday :)

Both my mom and my sister is home that day, so we're doing some things together! And then Astrid is coming over for dinner, and of course a night out to celebrate my birthday with me :p <3

AND we're buying our tickets for Japan on Friday as well! I'm sure I already said this, but I can't say it enough xD

Lastly I made this. Did I change much this year? :p

lørdag den 30. oktober 2010


SNSD made their comeback a few days ago with their new mini-album 'Hoot'.

And I really love it! :D
I love the concept, the song and the dance!

Check it out for yourself here:

fredag den 29. oktober 2010

Sweet give-away's!

Oh I love the sweet bloggers who do give-aways :D

But I never win xD But that does not mean that you can't!

The first give-away is from geekyglamorous.blogspot.com

You can win eyelashes, cute earings and much more, so go check it out here!

Geekyglamorous give-away

Then there's also a give-away on http://glamourberry.blogspot.com, where you can win Dolly Wink lashes! The link is here.

Last, but no least, one of my favorite blogs 'Moments Like Diamonds' is having a huge 1 year anniversary give-away! Don't miss it, and check the awesome give-away out HERE!

That was a short update. I'll show you my new Dolly Wink lashes tomorrow! :D


New (useless) video

No not really :p haha.

Well I made a new video, just to show off my new CD's and magazines.

Here it is:

mandag den 25. oktober 2010

Magazines and CD's

I got 4 Japanese magazines today! :D
And no just any magazines, but Popteen, Popsister, BLENDA and Edge Style.

I'm so happy for these <3

I also got two CD's that I ordered today. SHINee's repackaged album and Nishino Kana's 'to LOVE' album. <3

But from now on I have to restrain myself. I have to save up money for two trips next year. First up I'm going to Tokyo with Astrid, and I'm also going to Paris with my family, and I have to pay for both trips myself. So NO SHOPPING!! Even though that will be like, impossible for me. But I have to minimize my shopping -.-"

Well, I'd much rather be able to buy tons of stuff in Japan, than here anyways xD Good thing it's my birthday in 11 days! And Christmas soon too :p

Bye for now ~ <3

In and out

Hello ~

First up, I'm sorry for the lack of updating atm. There have just been so many things going on! But I'm back now :p

So I've been shopping a bit lately, and bought 2 new pairs of shoes.

These lovelies are from H&M. They had to pairs left and just one in my size. I felt so lucky :D Haha ^^~

I also bought these lovely wedges ! I've been wanting these shoes since last winter, and now I saw them in a store for 200 DKK, which is not very much for a pair of shoes ^^ I've worn them almost everyday since I bought them!

I also bought some other things, but I don't have any nice pictures of it. It will come later :3

Later today I will get 4 Japanese magazines! :D I'll make a post about it later, so remeber to check it out ^^~

I'm out for now! See ya <3

onsdag den 20. oktober 2010


I just think this is really fun xD SMAP singing 'VOICE' by Perfume? :p I laughed so much xD I mean, just look at the guy's face (sorry, don't know the name) at around 1:35.. Hah!! xD

I'm sorry if you're a fan of SMAP, I didn't mean to offend them in anyway, I just think this is really funny :p

lørdag den 16. oktober 2010

Minx ~

Astrid and I went to get our nails done today! We got the ever so famous Minx ^^

It was an extremely nice experience, and the lady, who worked there was nice too. We love the result, and we're definetely doing it again! :D

It looks amazing, right? We love it, that's for sure! ^^

We're going out tonight as well, so that we can show of our new nails ;p


onsdag den 13. oktober 2010

Bye Bye Baby

One of my bff's left for Greenland this Mondayy. Now she's gone for 2 years! But she'll come back to Denmark in August and I can't wait! :D

She had to be in her flight at 08:45AM, so we met at around 7AM. Astrid and I was there along with two other girls, Jelena and Maria. Sakina told us that she was so happy we were there, and that it made it all a little easier.

Astrid, Sakina and I all cried a lot :( It was not easy saying goodbye, but she'll come back, so there's no need to be sad.

Astrid and I bought Starbucks to feel better <3

And look at this funky globe! I thought it was really cool.

Astrid liked it too :p <3

And Nishino Kana's new PV for 'Kimitte' is out! It's a LQ version, but you can hear the song perfectly :3 I really love it! She looks so lovely <3

One last thing xD I got my 'Amigo' SHINee album today! <3<3<3 Pictures will come .

lørdag den 9. oktober 2010

The last night in a very, very long time

I went out with Astrid and Sakina yesterday. We had the best night ever, and I'm gonna miss the three of us together. Sakina is leaving for Greenland on Monday, so this was the last time we could go out before she leaves. :(

I'm going to the airport on Monday to see her off. I'm gonna miss her so much!

mandag den 4. oktober 2010

Another day with the gals

I spent the day with my lovelies <3 We had so much fun xD

And this is FINALLY out ! <3 I'm sitting here holding my fangirl screams back, 'cause everybody is asleep xD

søndag den 3. oktober 2010

Weekend in Sweden

Just came back from a relaxing weekend in Sweden <3

We went their with my grandmother this time. She can really be a blast, haha :D
We also saw 2 mooses! It was so cool, even though I think they are kindda creepy. We did take some pictures, but they are not on my camera, so I can't post them. I'll do it tomorrow probably :3

I'm seeing my gals Sakina and Astrid tomorrow, yay! <3 Sakina leaves for Greenland next Monday, so I want to spend as much time with her her as possible! <3

I've also spent a lot of time with A-babe lately. I love you sweetie <3

fredag den 1. oktober 2010

Hello Hello~

I'm LOVING this!!!!! I'm dying because of all the overwhelming cuteness, hotness and awesomeness in this performance <3 SHINee, I LOVE YOU!! Now I'm done fangirling xD (Or not) SHINEE!!!!! <3<3<3<3