Bye Bye Baby

One of my bff's left for Greenland this Mondayy. Now she's gone for 2 years! But she'll come back to Denmark in August and I can't wait! :D

She had to be in her flight at 08:45AM, so we met at around 7AM. Astrid and I was there along with two other girls, Jelena and Maria. Sakina told us that she was so happy we were there, and that it made it all a little easier.

Astrid, Sakina and I all cried a lot :( It was not easy saying goodbye, but she'll come back, so there's no need to be sad.

Astrid and I bought Starbucks to feel better <3

And look at this funky globe! I thought it was really cool.

Astrid liked it too :p <3

And Nishino Kana's new PV for 'Kimitte' is out! It's a LQ version, but you can hear the song perfectly :3 I really love it! She looks so lovely <3

One last thing xD I got my 'Amigo' SHINee album today! <3<3<3 Pictures will come .


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