In and out

Hello ~

First up, I'm sorry for the lack of updating atm. There have just been so many things going on! But I'm back now :p

So I've been shopping a bit lately, and bought 2 new pairs of shoes.

These lovelies are from H&M. They had to pairs left and just one in my size. I felt so lucky :D Haha ^^~

I also bought these lovely wedges ! I've been wanting these shoes since last winter, and now I saw them in a store for 200 DKK, which is not very much for a pair of shoes ^^ I've worn them almost everyday since I bought them!

I also bought some other things, but I don't have any nice pictures of it. It will come later :3

Later today I will get 4 Japanese magazines! :D I'll make a post about it later, so remeber to check it out ^^~

I'm out for now! See ya <3


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