mandag den 28. februar 2011

Shopping, shoes and SHINee

Well, I said that I would show you my new shoes right?

Plateau suede pumps from TOPSHOP

I love them so much!! They are freaking gorgeous <3

I also bought 2 other pairs of shoes recently, but I don't have any decent pictures of them at the moment, but I'll show you soon!

And I got a nice surprise today! :O
Some of the items I've ordered arrived with the mail today ^^

Elle Girl Match issue, Nana's B BB Cream and a lovely poster of my lovelies, SHINee ^^

And inside the Elle Girl magazine is this:

An interview + photoshoot with Key and Taemin from SHINee ^^ And that was actually the reason for buying the magazine, LOL xD But it's a nice magazine a lot of cool fashion :3

TTYL lovelies ~

søndag den 27. februar 2011

Weekend is over

Hey everyone~

I had a very fun weekend, how about you? :p
I was home alone with my sister and it was very nice to have the whole apartment for ourselves!

We had a lot of fun this weekend xD Haha. Friday we went shopping and I bought 2 pairs of shoes, which I'll show later.

This was my outfit that day:
Vest from H&M, shirt from H&M, pants from UO and wedges from Havannah Shoes

Quite simple, but super comfortable.

We also went to McD. And as disgusting as it might be, I really like to go there from time to time, and just eat until my stomach bursts! LOL. Well, it was very delicious!

Saturday, we went to Maiken's place. We're in a dance cover group along with her and a bunch of other girls :3 We met up Saturday to get to know each other, and to talk about, what dances to do first, and such. It was really nice meeting all of the other lovely girls, and I can't wait to get strated with the dances! We're doing Sorry Sorry by Super Junior first! :D I'll do Donghaes' parts xD

And today, I just relaxed. I met up with Astrid quickly, but it was for less than an hour -.-

AND! BIG BANG's MV for Tonight was released today!! It's freaking amazing ~ I've been fangirling with my sister for the last couple of hours xD lol <3

I hope you all had a nice weekend!

onsdag den 23. februar 2011

SHINee Best Dance and Vocalperformances !

So, this absolutely amazing and awesome Youtube user have made 10 video compilations of some of SHINee's best performances, and just HOW can I not share them? There's a 'Best of Hello Baby' video, memebr videos, and of course some of their absolutely best performances! If watching these doesn't make you a Shawol, I don't know what will xD <3

He have made videos with a lot of other Kpop stars too, so don't forget to check out his channel here!

So, are you ready for a SHINee overload? :D

Part 01

Part 02

Part 03

Part 04

Part 05

Part 06

Part 07

Part 08

Part 09

Part 10

tirsdag den 22. februar 2011

A fanatic and crazy fangirl? Who? Me? No, no!

Yeah, I'm totally in denial xD

But I love being a fangirl, yes I do <3

And just to show, how much of a fangirl I am (and my sister too), here's a collage showing the things we've ordered from eBay recently:

Yeah, I know xD LOL, then just wait untill I actually decide to make a Kpop collection post/video. Keke~

And also, I'm obsessed with this video. I've already broke the replay button I think o.o
I love him with glasses, I love his cute pout and I love his perfectly structured face <3

SHINee needs to mae a comeback already! I'm dying here >3<

mandag den 21. februar 2011

Random babbling

Okay, this post is going to be a little random I guess, but I just felt like writing this xD *Oh the fail*

So, I've been thinking a lot about this lately. What do I want to do in my life?
I'm at the age, where the dicissions you make, can have a big impact on your life later like, education and career choice, love life, work, a place to live and so on, but I'm totally lost about all of those xD

My love life is like, non-existing (unless you count Key LOL). It's not that I don't want a boyfriend, I just suck at finding them! Someone, teach me! xD

I currently still live with my parents, which is really nice, but I really want to find my own place!

My job is fine, and I can't complain, but I know I can't keep working in a pastry store for the rest of my life O.O

And about the career, that's where I really start wondering, what do I want to do? -.-
I'm studying right now to get into CBS, but I'm not even sure if that's what I want. There are so many other things, that I want to do as well, but it's choosing one of those that's the bitch. *frustrated*

I'm not complaining about my life though, I like it as it is right now, but still, I know I have to make a choice soon. I turn 20 this year xD

Sorry about this post, I know it's not really relevant for all of you!

Here's a picture of me and my lovely and wonderful sister <3 She's the cutests ever!!! <3<3<3

søndag den 20. februar 2011

A nice weekend

So the weekend's over already, boohoo~ But I had a pretty nice weekend :3

Friday I went to my friend, Camilla's place. We made some delish food and watched X-factor xD I can't help it, I love shows like that!

Saturday Hannah and I went to our dad's place, and he made his extremely delicious pasta bolognese !

It might look like regular pasta bolognese, but I swear, it's like a 1000 times better! I could eat this everyday!

Hannah and I have also been singing all weekend xD

Sunday, Hannah and I met up with Celia and Lina at Baresso <3 We haven't seen Celia since November because she lives quite far away from Copenhagen XD (Yes Celia, Fyn is far away!)
We talked about meeting up this weekend at Celia's place and practice songs for our cover group. It could be so awesome!! :D <3

And of course, Friday was SHINee's 1000 day anniversary! But I didn't get to celebrate or hype over it much T-T *sighs* So sad..

So yeah, tomorrow it's back to school! So let's end the weekend the best way possible, with SHINee!! <3

FINALLY all 5 are doing something together! <3 I'm seriously so happy about this!! :D <3<3

mandag den 14. februar 2011

New blog design ~

Lii-chan made me a new blog design, again!! XD
Haha, I feel like I ask her to make me new ones too often.

But, this is actually for a very special occasion! As you can see it says '1000 Days Anniversary' on the header, and that's because February 18th will be SHINee's 1000th day together since their debut!

I won't be saying too much about it now though, since I will be making a post just for that on Feb 18th!

I love this picture!! It's incredible how much they've grown over the years <3


søndag den 13. februar 2011

Hacked by: Liinohon~ ♥

Hii Zaa-chan's followers!~
I'm Lina, one of zaa-chan's friends~ and Well I'm the one who usually make Zaa-chans layouts~
and yeah it's me who made this Shinee layout as well~~ ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ

In this 'hacked' post I want to tell Zaa-chan how much she means to me and what a wonderful person she is~ (つ´∀`)つ

I got to know her for like 4 years ago, at Japanese lessons, and even though in the beginning we didn't got along that well we became really really good friends. ♥ and the age difference didn't matter at all~ We started to talk a lot more and meet out of the lessons and started to go out shopping and spend more time together~ Zaa-chan told me so many things about music especially K and J-pop and in return I told her about manga and anime~ We also spend night watching doramas and fangirling together~ ♥ we even tried dancing perfume songs and talking cosplay plans~ (* ̄∇ ̄*) I am really happy I know such a wonderful and loving girl as her~

  • she cares about others
  • she shines like a sun and always know how to make me smile
  • she has a great sense of style~ doesn't she always look adorable? ♥
  • she has a wonderful singing voice, I love listen to her sing~

All in one she is a beautiful young lady with a great sense of style with many talents such as dancing and singing and her heart is made of gold~ Thanks for all the years we spend together~ ♥ and now I want to wish you and everybody else a Happy Valentine's day!~

End of spamming/hacking

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

hacking was done by:

søndag den 6. februar 2011


Ugh, I'm so sick and tired of winter by now -.-

I lack motivation for almost everything, and I just need spring and summer to arrive already!
Plus March = SHINee Japanese debut! <3 Woot~ STILL SUPER EXCITED xD lol.

I also want to start wearing spring clothes. I've seen so many things that I want, and I could just rob TOPSHOP. I think I love everything they have right now. Especially those black suede platform sandals. *Zarah needs*

Okay, sorry for this kindda pointless post xD
I'll promise to be a better blogger this week, ok?? :p Hehe

JongKey <3<3<3

tirsdag den 1. februar 2011

My A-babe ~

My best friend Astrid, came home to Copenhagen for the weekend ^^
It was so wonderful seeing her again since it had been 3 weeks, since we last saw each other! D: And yeas, that is a very long time, when you're used to seeing each other several times a week.

First we went to our favorite café, where we always go, when we're together ^^ The owner and the staff can recognize us now xD Haha.

Later we went to watch SAG-show on our old school. Astrid's sister was in it, as well as a lot of people we knew :3 And there was so many of our old classmates too! It was almost like a mini reunion xD It was nice seeing some of them again :)

And of course we went out too <3 The picture is from our night at K3. It's a club here in CPH ^^

Astrid I love you <3 And I can't wait 'till you get back here again!