My A-babe ~

My best friend Astrid, came home to Copenhagen for the weekend ^^
It was so wonderful seeing her again since it had been 3 weeks, since we last saw each other! D: And yeas, that is a very long time, when you're used to seeing each other several times a week.

First we went to our favorite café, where we always go, when we're together ^^ The owner and the staff can recognize us now xD Haha.

Later we went to watch SAG-show on our old school. Astrid's sister was in it, as well as a lot of people we knew :3 And there was so many of our old classmates too! It was almost like a mini reunion xD It was nice seeing some of them again :)

And of course we went out too <3 The picture is from our night at K3. It's a club here in CPH ^^

Astrid I love you <3 And I can't wait 'till you get back here again!


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