Shopping, shoes and SHINee

Well, I said that I would show you my new shoes right?

Plateau suede pumps from TOPSHOP

I love them so much!! They are freaking gorgeous <3

I also bought 2 other pairs of shoes recently, but I don't have any decent pictures of them at the moment, but I'll show you soon!

And I got a nice surprise today! :O
Some of the items I've ordered arrived with the mail today ^^

Elle Girl Match issue, Nana's B BB Cream and a lovely poster of my lovelies, SHINee ^^

And inside the Elle Girl magazine is this:

An interview + photoshoot with Key and Taemin from SHINee ^^ And that was actually the reason for buying the magazine, LOL xD But it's a nice magazine a lot of cool fashion :3

TTYL lovelies ~


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