A nice weekend

So the weekend's over already, boohoo~ But I had a pretty nice weekend :3

Friday I went to my friend, Camilla's place. We made some delish food and watched X-factor xD I can't help it, I love shows like that!

Saturday Hannah and I went to our dad's place, and he made his extremely delicious pasta bolognese !

It might look like regular pasta bolognese, but I swear, it's like a 1000 times better! I could eat this everyday!

Hannah and I have also been singing all weekend xD

Sunday, Hannah and I met up with Celia and Lina at Baresso <3 We haven't seen Celia since November because she lives quite far away from Copenhagen XD (Yes Celia, Fyn is far away!)
We talked about meeting up this weekend at Celia's place and practice songs for our cover group. It could be so awesome!! :D <3

And of course, Friday was SHINee's 1000 day anniversary! But I didn't get to celebrate or hype over it much T-T *sighs* So sad..

So yeah, tomorrow it's back to school! So let's end the weekend the best way possible, with SHINee!! <3

FINALLY all 5 are doing something together! <3 I'm seriously so happy about this!! :D <3<3


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