søndag den 28. februar 2010

~ Last day of winter ~


Today is the last day of winter. Can you believe it?
Winter went by so fast!

I've been waiting for spring and summer, and I'm looking forward to see the weather getting warmer :3

Yesterday I watched the very last episode of Hana Yori Dango, season 2. Actually I've only watched up till ep 7 in the first season, but I just had to know how it ended, and I couldn't have wished for a better ending! It was perfect (^^~

I'm starting to like Matsumoto Jun more and more. I didn' realy like him as a singer, but as an actor he's amazing!

lørdag den 27. februar 2010

~ Shoppingspree ~


Today I went out shopping with my sister!
I bought many nice things (^^~

Sadly I couldn't find the shoes I wanted ANYWHERE in my size. I looked in so many stores, but my size was sold out everywhere. (>.<) So I didn't get to buy any shoes today. :(

Well, I did get to buy a lot of other nice things though!

First up I bought this jumpsuit from Monki:

I absolutely love this! It reminds me alot of a dress from TOPSHOP that I wanted, but never got the chance to buy (>.<)It also had the ribbons on the back.
This will fit perfectly with most of my skirts, and it's great for both party and everyday! Can't wait to wear it this summer!

Next up I got this lovely cardigan from H&M:

I love the detail at the shoulders! And the navy blue color looks really cute combined with the frills on the shoulders! This is also an item that can be worn at different occasions. I think I'll wear it tomorrow. One of my mothers' friends' son is getting baptized, and I have the perfect outfit to go with this (^^~ I will post some pictures tomorrow!

Next up are these lovely onepieces from ZARA:

I tried both on thinking they were dresses, and I wondered why I couldn't get them over my head('^_^) Haha. But actually after I found out they were with shorts I wanted to buy them more. I was looking for some chiffon dresses today since they have so many of them on yesstyle! So when I found these I got very happy, even though they are not dresses! (^^~

And the last things I bought were these:

A pair of heart-shaped silver earrings from Glitter, a big ribbon hair accessory from Monki and some purple stockings from H&M! (^^~
You can see the purple stockings on the picture with the earrings! These were just some things I randomly found, and I just had to get them :3

It was so nice to finally go on a real shoppingspree again! And besides all these I just ordered a lot of eyelashes from eBay!

What do you think of the things I bought? Any favorite items here? (^_^)


fredag den 26. februar 2010

~ New shoes ~


Today I'm going to buy a new pair of shoes!

Here they are:

I've wanted to buy a pair of wedges for a long time, and these are just perfect! I can't wait to get them <3 They are from a brand called VAGABOND and they cost 500 DKK!

I will post pictures when I get them :3


torsdag den 25. februar 2010

~ Make-up tutorial? ~


I was thinking about making a make-up tutorial on my daily make-up.
It's inspired by Tsuji Nozomi's make-up as you see in this picture:

I have become addicted to white eye-liner ever since Tsuji became my fave idol <3
She has been wearing this eye-make up for years, and I think it's her signature. Before it was her big ribbon in the hair, but she doesn't wear them as often more.

But I hope you like the idea though :3

And I'm thinking of making a new design for my blog as well, so look forward to it ^^


onsdag den 24. februar 2010

~ Weekends ~


I just can't wait for the weekend! (^_^)
Weekends are the best time of the week in my opinion! And this weekend I'm going shopping! Yaay~

I need a new pair of jeans, so I will go buy my regular pair at Cheap Monday! Maybe I should look for a new color though? It will be my 3rd time buying the same pair then (^^'

And then I need a new pair of shoes! My mom said she saw some really cute short black boots in Magasin, so I'm going to check them out!
And then I want some tops and more skirts. Just basics (^.~)

I will post pictures of al the things I buy (^^~

mandag den 22. februar 2010

~ A speech ~


So, we had a written assignment in English for today, and it was to write a speech. The main idea of doing this is because there's a competition and in the end you can win a trip to London to compete against people from all over the world. Our teacher asked us how many of us wanted to be in the competition, and I thought it could be fun to try out, so I'm in now! I don't know wether to feel exited about it or just nervous. I didn't think that I would make it to the competetion to be honest, but now I am, and it's starting tomorrow! Wow...

I just needed to say this!


søndag den 21. februar 2010

~ Avatar ~


Today I went to the movies with my little sister and watched 'Avatar'!
I know I'm late, but I'm soooo happy that I got to see it! It was the best movie I have ever seen! It's so amazing and I loved everything about it! Absolutely everything! Wow, I'm so amazed by it and I just can't get over how well-written and amazing it is! (*_*)

When I watch a movie I like, I completely fall into this state of mind, where I feel like I'm in the movie myself! I get so caught up in the movie that I sometimes completely forget where I am! Wow, I can't get over how amazing that movie is! It's my new favorite movie <3
What do you think about it? :3

And here are some quick shots of what I look like today ^^


lørdag den 20. februar 2010

~ Disappointed ~


At the moment I feel so disappointed. The Japan exchange student program wont be having a long-term program, so I wont have a chance to go to Japan anyways. I was really looking forward to it. I know, it wasn't sure that they would choose me, but I was even looking forward to filling out the application and the interviews!

But life goes on, and I know I will get to Japan on my own :3 I just hope I can get the money and make it soon!

Right now I'm enjoying my last days of holiday. I had a whole week of, but I'm going back to school on Monday. I had a nice holiday, but I would love it to last longer though (^_^)
I've been watching a lot of J-drama and I've been dubbing a lot this whole week!
I started watching Hana Yori Dango. I'm a little late though (^^~ But I finally decided to watch it, and it's so good! The reason I didn't watch it in the first place was because I didn't like Matsumoto Jun, no offense! But I have to say that I changed my mind about him. He's a great actor (^_^)

That was a short update for now. I'm sorry for not posting pictures lately, but here are some pictures from the other night. I was going out with Maria so I dressed up (^^~

The second picture isn't that great, sorry (^^'


mandag den 15. februar 2010

~ Japan exchange student program ~


Today I received a message from one of my friends. She told me that the Japanese embassy here in Denmark were planning a student exchange program!

So I have the opportunity to go to Japan this August!!! If they choose me, that is. Gyaah, I reeeeally hope they pick me!! (^_^)
I want to go so bad! And what more is, it's for 5 months!! And I will be living with a Japanese family for the 5 months as well! It's this kind of opportunity I've been waiting for!

I will be the happiest girl ever if they pick me!! Please wish me luck!!

~ New dub ~


Yesterday Hannah & I uploaded our newest dub on Youtube! And here it is:

It's Bravo☆Bravo by Buono! We really love this song! And we love Buono! They are one of our favorite groups, and both our favorite H!P kids are in Buono!, so it shouldn't be a surprise ^^

I really used a long time mixing this one I think, or at least longer time than usual. I think I'm getting better at mixing :3

Right now I'm mixing Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba by Berryz Koubou. We recorded it yesterday. Please listen to our dub and leave a comment!

Oh, and as a little special surprise, here's the download for the original version by Buono! Click here ^^

Thank you~


lørdag den 13. februar 2010

~ Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day ~

Hello ~

Happy New Year! And happy valentine's day!

Tomorrow it's the 14th of February! And this year it's both valentine's day and Chinese New Year (^^~

Are you going to celebrate?

As for me, I'm going to watch some J-drama episodes and maybe some movies? Because unfortunately I don't have a boyfriend (>.<) I really wanted to give chocolate to someone, but it seems like I will have to wait for the next valentine's day! (^-^)

Yeserday I was out eating dinner with my sister! It was so much fun, and the food was so delicious! I ate so much! (^_^) Haha.
When we were on our way home we went to 'Cold Stone' and bought ice cream! I love Cold Stone! It's so delicious! I got vanilla ice cream with marshmellows and pekan nuts! I loved it!! And Hannah got strawberry ice cream with marshmellows, chocolate chips and some other candy! It was very sweet (^^~

I can't wait until next time we go there!


fredag den 12. februar 2010

~ -.- ~


Today in Geographic class we had to do presentations in groups.
My group was the first one, and I felt so stupid! One of my friends in the groups was sick so I had to say the things she was supposed to say, and I got the paper in the last minute, so I didn't know the stuff very well, and I found out that we had the same thing prepared to say, so I kept repeating myself (>.<)

Gaaaah!! I hate when I do bad in presentations (-.-)

But I'm going out for dinner with my sister later, so everything's going to be fine!! (^_^) And I'm going to my dad's this weekend! Looking forward to it :3

Oh and btw, I have 4 followers on my blog now! It's not much, but enough to make me smile (^_^) Thank you!


torsdag den 11. februar 2010

~ Kimono Show ~


Today was the day of the kimono show! Finally!
It was so much fun, and it's one of the best experiences I've ever had!
I would want to do it a 100 times more! I felt so elegant and beautiful wearing the kimono, and it was so georgeous! My hair got styled by professinals and I truly felt like a model! Because even though I'm short, the people helping out with the kimono's were shorter than me!

I really loved getting dressed in the kimono, but the proces was so long! I had 3 types of kimono's on. First I had the 'underwear' kimono, which is a very thin white kimono. The you wear a thin silk kimono. You can get these kimono's in many different colors, and Japanese women wear different colors underneath their kimono's to get different nuances of colors out in their kimono. And then at last you wear the normal kimono. Besides all that, you wear like 10 belts under your obi to hold up the kimono. And I also wore a mon over my obi. It was a little heavy and vey tight! But you look beautiful right? (^-^)

I took many pictures, but I can't upload them all here. I will post a few pictures now, and maybe later I'll post some more. If you want to see all the pictures you can add me on facebook here.

First up some pictures of the beautiful kimono I wore:

I really like it! The colors look beautiful together, and the butterflies are very cute! It gives a very girly touch, and because the colors are bright you get the feeling of spring.

I hope you like the pictures. And yeah, if you want to see the rest add me on fabook!


onsdag den 10. februar 2010

~ Video ~


So today I was sitting and looking through my videos on my Youtube channel. I thought I wanted to see how many views they got and so on, and I actually got very surprised by some of the results! Normally my dubs get around 200-300 views, sometimes more, but my first solo dub 'Lady-Rise' has 1073 views!! o.o And I uploaded it only a month ago! If you want to listen to the song, the link is here:

I will definetly dub some more Goto Maki songs from her 'SWEET BLACK' album <3

The next thing I got surprised by was this video:

It's Hannah and I dancing the 'Secret Secret' dance. The quality is very bad, and we don't know the dance to perfection, so we didn't think we would get many views. But we did!! The vides has 4893 views! And 26 ratings!! That's the most any of my vidoes ever got, and it was uploaded in September last year! (^_^)

I just wanted to share this with you!

Oh, and tomorrow is the kimono show!! I just can't wait!

Bye ~ <3

tirsdag den 9. februar 2010

~ Shoes ~

Hello ~

My mom bought the new COSTUME today, and I saw these shoes from BIANCO footwear. They look so incredible and I really want them! So I went to BIANCO footwears website to see the price and in which shops to buy them, but I couldn't find the model anywhere! (>.<)
I want them so bad, so I guess I'll wait untill next week to see if they get them then.

But while I was on the page I found another pair of shoes that I like too, and here they are:

So what do you think? (^_^)

I'm not quite sure if I like the heel though. I guess I just have to try them on and see (^^~

Also, I have a lot of things to look forward to this week!
Thursday I'm going to be a kimono model on the Japanese embassy! But I'm sure you already know if you read my blog (^-^")
Then Friday I'm going out with my sister! She invited me out for dinner on a Chinese restaurant! Thank you my dear Hana-chan <3 I love you (*^-^*) It's going to be so much fun! And delicious (^^~

I just really love Chinese food. Don't you too? It tastes so good!



mandag den 8. februar 2010

~ Hotaru no Hikari ~


Lately I've been waching the J-drama 'Hotaru no Hikari'.

Here's a short summary:

"Hotaru works for a famous interior design company. It's a glamorous job but Hotaru's private life is totally the opposite of glamorous. She lives alone, and when she isn't working she's mostly lazing about her rented house in training wear. She's not interested in men. In fact, she isn't interested in anything. "I'd rather lay around than fool around," is her motto.

Her landlord is a bar owner, and one day his son, who has just separated from his wife, comes to inspect the rental property, not knowing that someone is living there. He is shocked at the mess, but not as shocked as Hotaru. He turns out to be her boss, Takano."

It sounds quite good right? (^^~

You can watch it from here.

I really like it!
It's very funny and also touching! I've watched the first 4 episodes by now, and I can't wait for the rest! I wonder how it will end? (^_^)


søndag den 7. februar 2010

~ Filled with hope ~

I can't describe the feeling I have better than this.

Untill today I was feeling a bit down about it, but now I think I might have a chance. Please say I have and I'll be so happy!

Cheer me on for now please! I will do my absolute best this time too!


~ The end of SAG-show ~


Yesterday was the last day of SAG-show. It's a little sad that it's over already. I wouldn't mind doing 10 more shows (^^)

Also it was my last SAG-show ever (T-T) But I will come watch it next year for sure! And the following years as well (^^~

I think all the shows went really well and I can't wait to get the DVD! (^-^)

And now there's only 4 days to the kimono show! I can't wait!!

The next download post I will do will probably be Nishino Kana so please look forward to it (^^


fredag den 5. februar 2010

~ SAG-show premiere ~


The SAG-show premiere was yesterday, and it went so well!
I really think everyone did a great job, and we did really well today too, which was our second show.

Also yesterday was the premiere party at club NASA. My opinion about it is a litlle mixed though. I think it's a nice place, but there was too many people there. And the dancefloor was so tiny! Astrid and I could barely move out of the place >.<

But beside that I had a great time with Astrid! Astrid and I always have fun when we're together :3
And another special thing also happened, but that's a little secret between me and some friends ^^

So tomorrow is the last 2 shows. I can't believe it's all done tomorrow already though. It's a little sad since it will be my last time participating in SAG-show. But I just have to get the best out of it ^^

See you guys!


onsdag den 3. februar 2010

~ Kimono Model ~


Today I got an email from the Japanese embassy.
Now you might think "Why?". Well you see, a few weeks ago I got a mail frommy Japanese teacher saying that the Japanese embassy was going to have a kimono show, and that they needed models. So I applied and today I got a reply on my email.

And I'm going to participate as a model the 11 of February as a kimono model!

I'm so exited! And I will definetly post some pictures! My sister will go watch me, so she will take some pictures ^^


tirsdag den 2. februar 2010

~ Snow storm ~

Waah, it's snowing so much outside! (>.<)

I hope it will stop before I go home. If it continues it might be difficult to get the bus (-.-)

It would be nice if I was at home and had a cup of hot chocolate with marshmellows or whipcream! (^^~ <3


~ Nishino Kana ~


Lately I've been listening to Nishino Kana a lot. I just love her and her music! She's such a great singer and I really her fashion style!

Here's the PV:

The theme is so cute, and I love the color theme :3
And she looks so cute! I love her hair :3

~ Zarah