~ SAG-show premiere ~


The SAG-show premiere was yesterday, and it went so well!
I really think everyone did a great job, and we did really well today too, which was our second show.

Also yesterday was the premiere party at club NASA. My opinion about it is a litlle mixed though. I think it's a nice place, but there was too many people there. And the dancefloor was so tiny! Astrid and I could barely move out of the place >.<

But beside that I had a great time with Astrid! Astrid and I always have fun when we're together :3
And another special thing also happened, but that's a little secret between me and some friends ^^

So tomorrow is the last 2 shows. I can't believe it's all done tomorrow already though. It's a little sad since it will be my last time participating in SAG-show. But I just have to get the best out of it ^^

See you guys!



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