~ Video ~


So today I was sitting and looking through my videos on my Youtube channel. I thought I wanted to see how many views they got and so on, and I actually got very surprised by some of the results! Normally my dubs get around 200-300 views, sometimes more, but my first solo dub 'Lady-Rise' has 1073 views!! o.o And I uploaded it only a month ago! If you want to listen to the song, the link is here:

I will definetly dub some more Goto Maki songs from her 'SWEET BLACK' album <3

The next thing I got surprised by was this video:

It's Hannah and I dancing the 'Secret Secret' dance. The quality is very bad, and we don't know the dance to perfection, so we didn't think we would get many views. But we did!! The vides has 4893 views! And 26 ratings!! That's the most any of my vidoes ever got, and it was uploaded in September last year! (^_^)

I just wanted to share this with you!

Oh, and tomorrow is the kimono show!! I just can't wait!

Bye ~ <3


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