~ Shoppingspree ~


Today I went out shopping with my sister!
I bought many nice things (^^~

Sadly I couldn't find the shoes I wanted ANYWHERE in my size. I looked in so many stores, but my size was sold out everywhere. (>.<) So I didn't get to buy any shoes today. :(

Well, I did get to buy a lot of other nice things though!

First up I bought this jumpsuit from Monki:

I absolutely love this! It reminds me alot of a dress from TOPSHOP that I wanted, but never got the chance to buy (>.<)It also had the ribbons on the back.
This will fit perfectly with most of my skirts, and it's great for both party and everyday! Can't wait to wear it this summer!

Next up I got this lovely cardigan from H&M:

I love the detail at the shoulders! And the navy blue color looks really cute combined with the frills on the shoulders! This is also an item that can be worn at different occasions. I think I'll wear it tomorrow. One of my mothers' friends' son is getting baptized, and I have the perfect outfit to go with this (^^~ I will post some pictures tomorrow!

Next up are these lovely onepieces from ZARA:

I tried both on thinking they were dresses, and I wondered why I couldn't get them over my head('^_^) Haha. But actually after I found out they were with shorts I wanted to buy them more. I was looking for some chiffon dresses today since they have so many of them on yesstyle! So when I found these I got very happy, even though they are not dresses! (^^~

And the last things I bought were these:

A pair of heart-shaped silver earrings from Glitter, a big ribbon hair accessory from Monki and some purple stockings from H&M! (^^~
You can see the purple stockings on the picture with the earrings! These were just some things I randomly found, and I just had to get them :3

It was so nice to finally go on a real shoppingspree again! And besides all these I just ordered a lot of eyelashes from eBay!

What do you think of the things I bought? Any favorite items here? (^_^)



  1. Sweet things :3 my fave is probalby the second onepiece :)

  2. I love everything ;w; *is jealous*


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