~ Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day ~

Hello ~

Happy New Year! And happy valentine's day!

Tomorrow it's the 14th of February! And this year it's both valentine's day and Chinese New Year (^^~

Are you going to celebrate?

As for me, I'm going to watch some J-drama episodes and maybe some movies? Because unfortunately I don't have a boyfriend (>.<) I really wanted to give chocolate to someone, but it seems like I will have to wait for the next valentine's day! (^-^)

Yeserday I was out eating dinner with my sister! It was so much fun, and the food was so delicious! I ate so much! (^_^) Haha.
When we were on our way home we went to 'Cold Stone' and bought ice cream! I love Cold Stone! It's so delicious! I got vanilla ice cream with marshmellows and pekan nuts! I loved it!! And Hannah got strawberry ice cream with marshmellows, chocolate chips and some other candy! It was very sweet (^^~

I can't wait until next time we go there!



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