tirsdag den 28. september 2010

Japan 2011

It's decided! :D

Or so to say xD

If everything turns out as planned, I will be going to Japan next summer with my BFF Astrid <3 We are already looking at tickets and places to live. It's crazy that you can save around 50% on the tickets, if you order now.

I'm too excited to describe!!! :D Seriously CAN'T WAIT!

Well, just wanted to tell you this xD Bye~

mandag den 27. september 2010

miss A

Just want to share this. I'm really starting to love these girls! <3

lørdag den 25. september 2010

Vocalist in a rockband??

I met this really cool guy Alexander a few weeks ago, when I was out with my gals. It turns out that he plays guitar in a band, and they are looking for a new vocalist, and being the nice guy he is, he asked me if I would be interested in filling that spot.

As you might know, I LOVE singing, and I sing everyday at home xD (And all other places I go)

I'm not sure if I will be good at singing rock music, but I said I would give it a try. So sometime in October, I'll go to jam with them, like an audition I guess. It sounds really cool, and I hope I'll fit with their music :)

He told me, that they were inspired by Deftones, so I checked them out, and it's actually some really cool music. Not what I listen to normally, being a K-pop/J-pop fangirl though xD Haha.

Here's one of their videos Diamond Eyes:

fredag den 24. september 2010

Just. Have. To. Share. This.

Because it's FREAKING AWESOME!!! xD

I laughed all the way through!!

NOTE! If you haven't watched the original version, this might not be funnyat all xD so here it is :

onsdag den 22. september 2010

Happy Birthday Key

It's September 23rd, which also means that it's Key's 19th birthday!

Key is a member of the 5 membered Korean boy group SHINee, and fills out the spot as one of the rappers. His vocal skills is also very wonderful, but his rapping is just so unique! SHINee has taken the spot as my all time favorite boy group at the moment, and Key is without a doubt my favorite member!! He's known as "The Diva" of the group, due to his, sometimes, feminine way of acting, and because of this, fans also calls him the mom of the group. This of course, is also a knickname he got from the time they were on Hello Baby.

I could say soooo much more, but I will stop here xD Please check out their videos, they are super talented, and deserve lots of love!

Noooow, photo spam! KEY YOU ARE SO DAMN HOT!!!

(I didn't make this video, but it's super lovely <3)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEY!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3

tirsdag den 21. september 2010

Dolly Wink

So yeah, I made a video about my Dolly Wink lashes :)

Haha.. Well, please watch it ;)


mandag den 20. september 2010

Greenland, WTF???

As I mentioned in another post one of my best friends is going to Greenland.... For 2 YEARS. I was so surprised, when she told me, but also very happy for her, since she's going there to pursue her career. But are you CRAZY I will miss her so damn much!!

Gaaah, I have so many mixed feelings about this whole thing, but in the end, I can only wish the best for her. :)

Well, I've never been to Greenland, and never thought I would go there, but now it seems like I will sometime. Astrid, you're going with me!! xD

Sakina, I love you, and you know I want the best for you :3

søndag den 19. september 2010

A day of destiny

I spent Friday with my lovelies Astrid & Sakina. I first met up with Astrid, and then Sakina joined after work.

So many crazy things happened that night. A and I went to Sunset to grab some food, and our ordering numbers were our age. Pretty random. And also, the person taking our orders were named Alex A. xD (Sorry, this is a private joke betweenmy gals and me).

Later we went to LA Bar to grab some beers and to celebrate that Sakina is going to Greenland (which I should probably explain why). Well, at LA bar we saw a guy with a jacket from Abercrombie & Fitch. The girls said it was a sign for me to call them. Oh, I haven't said this, but I've got an offer to go to an audition to be a model for Abercrombie & Fitch, since they are opening a store here in Copenhagen. But yeah, somehow I can't get myself to do it. I'm just too scared to get a no I guess..

Well, a little photosapm, and I'm out. <3

Outfit : H&M much?

Jacket: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: H&M

Okay, I never really think about it, but I think I shop too much at H&M xD No, just kidding, but the only thing not from H&M is the bag.. And btw, the shoes are pretty new. It was the 3rd time I wore them. And yeah, they are really high, so my feet died just a little. Still love them though <3

(Ironically enough, the picture is taken in H&M xD. Gotta love it <3) Thanks to Astrid for being my photographer :D Love u <3

fredag den 17. september 2010

Dolly Wink ;)

I received my Dolly Wink lashes yesterday! <3 :D

They are so pretty <3

I haven't tried them on yet, but I'll post pictures, when I have! :3

onsdag den 15. september 2010

Not Good...

... at updating xD

I've been a very lazy blogger lately, so sorry about that. I just haven't had anything special to blog about.

I received my beloved SHINee CD and BIG BANG DVD a couple of days ago! Oh they were so worth it all <3 I love it so much! I already knew all the songs of the LUCIFER album, since I got it from iTunes, but it's so much better to have the actual CD. And BIG SHOW 2010 is just amazing! They boys have an extraordinary stage presence. It's so awesome!! I highly recommend these two!

And I got a photocard with the CD <3 I was really hoping to get Key <3 (my ultimate bias xD) but I got Taemin. Well, he's my sisters' favorite, so it's still okay :D

He looks good on front of my calender, right? :p haha. Oh, I also got that BIG BANG card as well <3

I ordered some Dolly Wink lashes a couple of days ago, so they'll probably arrive in this week :3 I've wanted some since forever!!!

søndag den 12. september 2010

Out , out , out

I've been out with my friends a lot lately, and just wanted to share some of the pictures. C ya <3

søndag den 5. september 2010


Tokyo Girl's Collection was held on September 4th :3

Many of my fave JP models attended the show like, Tsubasa, Hinano, Nishiyama Maki, Wakatsuki Chinatsu, Hasegawa Jun & Sasaki Nozomi :)

I'm still waiting for more videos and pictures from the show, but here are some:

Sawajiri Erika


I'm not really a fan of AKB48, but the last girl looked really cute. I don't remeber her name though. I think she's the one who's the new center member.

If you want to see more photos from TGC, you can check them out here.

C ya ~ <3

UPDATE: Found some pictures of Nishiyama Maki and Nishino Kana

lørdag den 4. september 2010

Yet again

I went out again, again last Thursday. I had so much fun and so much happened. It's crazy. We also met a lot of nice people, and I met this guy. He's a model and straight (how is that possible?). No sorry, I'm just kidding :p Haha

onsdag den 1. september 2010


I need these super fab shoes from TOPSHOP <3 It was actually my mom, who sent the link to me. I always knew that she knew my style, but sometimes I get really surprised, like with these shoes :D Here are some of the other things she showed me:

I need to go shopping... Again xD <3