Greenland, WTF???

As I mentioned in another post one of my best friends is going to Greenland.... For 2 YEARS. I was so surprised, when she told me, but also very happy for her, since she's going there to pursue her career. But are you CRAZY I will miss her so damn much!!

Gaaah, I have so many mixed feelings about this whole thing, but in the end, I can only wish the best for her. :)

Well, I've never been to Greenland, and never thought I would go there, but now it seems like I will sometime. Astrid, you're going with me!! xD

Sakina, I love you, and you know I want the best for you :3


  1. Den ugle halskæde er GORGEOUS =O Er sikker på at jeg har set den et eller andet sted, men kan ikke huske hvor.

    Det må være hårdt at en veninde flytter væk - men hey, det er ikke værre end man kan flyve derhen ;D


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