Not Good...

... at updating xD

I've been a very lazy blogger lately, so sorry about that. I just haven't had anything special to blog about.

I received my beloved SHINee CD and BIG BANG DVD a couple of days ago! Oh they were so worth it all <3 I love it so much! I already knew all the songs of the LUCIFER album, since I got it from iTunes, but it's so much better to have the actual CD. And BIG SHOW 2010 is just amazing! They boys have an extraordinary stage presence. It's so awesome!! I highly recommend these two!

And I got a photocard with the CD <3 I was really hoping to get Key <3 (my ultimate bias xD) but I got Taemin. Well, he's my sisters' favorite, so it's still okay :D

He looks good on front of my calender, right? :p haha. Oh, I also got that BIG BANG card as well <3

I ordered some Dolly Wink lashes a couple of days ago, so they'll probably arrive in this week :3 I've wanted some since forever!!!


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