mandag den 30. november 2009

Soon December

Hello everyone :3

So, it's the last day of November, and that means... It's December 1st tomorrow! I can't believe it's Christmas so soon! It's amazing. I'm hoping for a White Christmas ^_^
And yesterday is was Advent ^^ I'm not sure if I got the right word though :p
So did you get presents? I'm not sure if it's a tradition all over the world, but here in Denmark we get presents all 4 Advents. And I got such an amazing gift! Here it is :

The 2 first volumes of Fushigi Yugi and Pocky and Koara candy <3 I can't believe that my mom actually bought manga for me! She never does! o.o But it was a pleasant surprise, and Fushigi Yugi is really good! I'm definetly gonna buy the next volumes too! Well, if I don't get them next Sunday :p


lørdag den 28. november 2009

New design!

Hello ~

I got a new design for my blog!!
It's made by my friend Lina <33 I love it soo much! It's Tsuji Nozomi on the picture (of course). And the colors look sooo pretty with the picture, and it fits me perfectly!! And I love the butterfly too!! ^_^

And another thing, I watched New Moon today with my mom, her husband and my sister!! It was really good! The story is so captivating and exiting!! I always get caught up in the movies I watch, and this was no exception xD

Zarah ~

fredag den 27. november 2009

Hello ~ <3

Hi everyone!!
How are you? ^^~
I'm feeling quite energetic at the moment! And that's amazing since I've been sick lately! I made a nive recovery, yay! I really hate being sick -.-

Well, this time I will be talking about SAG-show again. ^^~
As I already said, I'm a choreograph and now, all the dance auditions are over!! It was really tough! I have been dancing all days for the past two weeks! My body is sooo tired now -.- But it payed of!! Because I made it into two dances! And as a choreograph it's only allowed to be in two other dances than your own!! ^_^ I'm so happy about it, and I can't wait to start :3

Aaah, tonight I'm getting my favorite food xD I just had to say it :3 I can post a picture of it later! It's so delicious ^^ It has something to do with curry!! Then I won't tell you more :3

Byye ~

torsdag den 19. november 2009

Mixed stuff ~

Hello everyone, how are you? ^^

I'm feeling very tired at the moment -.- zZz

But at the same time I'm exited, because so many things are happening!! I'm really getting better at Japanese, and I can really feel the progress after we got a new teacher this year. He's very talented, and a very nice person. I'm glad that he's my teacher! :3

And another thing that is progressing is my dance for the SAG-show this February! My two fellow choreographs and I held auditions, and there were so many good dancers! I can't wait to start making the dance! It's gonna be so much fun! ^-^

And lately I've been thinking about wanting to change my style a little. I mean, I am trying to, but I don't think it's going that well, I always end in my comfort zone. But I want to dress more cute! I really love the clothes from 59 Seconds, Dodo Style and Yumi at the moment. I want to wear their clothes!! And I really want to dress like Tsuji-chan too. I love her outfits! Stylish and cute <3

Oh, and how do you like my little playlist at the sidebar? :) Though there is one son I didn't mean to put there, and that is 'Bravo Bravo Bravo'. I found out that it's a dub, and I just wanted the Buono version -.-
Oh, and all the songs by Niji Kirei are my sister and me singing :3

Oh and last, but not least here's a picture of one of my favorite actors at the moment, Narimiya Hiroki <3 He's just eyecandy, seriously hot!! >w<

I'm having this picture as my screensaver at the moment, so everytime I turn on my computer, I am overwhelmed by some hotness :p

mandag den 9. november 2009

My birthday ~

Hello ~

So, it was my bitrhday November 5th and I turned 18!
It's so weird to think that I'm a grown up now, and that I will be able to do a lot of things now, that I couldn't before.

Oh and I got a haircut too! Here's before and after pictures ^^
First before:

It was sooo long! And I had so many split ends -.-

And now after:

I know I look a little scary in this picture ! I look so strange -.-

Well, that's my new haircut, and I really like it ^^

And now for what I got for my birtday! I will post the pics later too!

These are the things I got from my mom and her husband:
- A silver 160GB iPod
- A pink SAMSUNG digital camera + memory card
- A pair of boots from CA-SHOT (They have a slight biker look)
- A really wonderful dress from TOPSHOP. It's red and black ^^
- A checked shirt from TOPSHOP, black and white

From my dad:
- A Packardbell computer ^^

From my sister:
- A Death Note box with picture-cards and the Death Note rules written on them ^^
- A Ouran badge :3

And yeah, pictures will come later ^^

See ya ~

tirsdag den 3. november 2009

Hello <3

Hello everyone!

(NOTICE!! NANA spoilers follow in this entry >.<)

It's my birthday this Thursday and I'm turning 18!
It's so weird to think of, and it just moves closer and closer! >.<''

Well, some other things.. First up, I'm getting a haircut tomorrow! And I'm thinking of a haircut like this :

Well, my hair looks a lot like it now too actually, but it's just longer ^^' So I'm not gonna change it that much. I will be sure to put a picture here on the blog :3

Here is what my hair looks like at the moment (except, I dyed it, so it's brown now!) :

And actually you can't see how long my hair is in this picture either!! >x< Well, I just wanted to give you an idea of what it looks like :p

And another thing, I just read chapter 84 of NANA!! Oh my god, this is really my all time favortie manga now!! I absolutely can't wait for more to come!! I really like NanaXNobu, and in my wildest dreams she will leave Takumi for Nobu! x3 They are my favorite pair of the manga <3 Have you all read NANA?? If not you should!! It's so touching T~T <3<3<3
I got one of my best friends to read it, and she loves it too! She keeps telling me how good it is, and we are having a movie night where we watch the two NANA movies too! I'm so glad I have them! Well I think it's a series for everyone, so please be sure to check it out!!

Oh, and after my B-day I will post pictures of what I got! xD I hope to get a curling iron and clothes of course! :3

See you all later ~