Hello <3

Hello everyone!

(NOTICE!! NANA spoilers follow in this entry >.<)

It's my birthday this Thursday and I'm turning 18!
It's so weird to think of, and it just moves closer and closer! >.<''

Well, some other things.. First up, I'm getting a haircut tomorrow! And I'm thinking of a haircut like this :

Well, my hair looks a lot like it now too actually, but it's just longer ^^' So I'm not gonna change it that much. I will be sure to put a picture here on the blog :3

Here is what my hair looks like at the moment (except, I dyed it, so it's brown now!) :

And actually you can't see how long my hair is in this picture either!! >x< Well, I just wanted to give you an idea of what it looks like :p

And another thing, I just read chapter 84 of NANA!! Oh my god, this is really my all time favortie manga now!! I absolutely can't wait for more to come!! I really like NanaXNobu, and in my wildest dreams she will leave Takumi for Nobu! x3 They are my favorite pair of the manga <3 Have you all read NANA?? If not you should!! It's so touching T~T <3<3<3
I got one of my best friends to read it, and she loves it too! She keeps telling me how good it is, and we are having a movie night where we watch the two NANA movies too! I'm so glad I have them! Well I think it's a series for everyone, so please be sure to check it out!!

Oh, and after my B-day I will post pictures of what I got! xD I hope to get a curling iron and clothes of course! :3

See you all later ~


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