Hello ~ <3

Hi everyone!!
How are you? ^^~
I'm feeling quite energetic at the moment! And that's amazing since I've been sick lately! I made a nive recovery, yay! I really hate being sick -.-

Well, this time I will be talking about SAG-show again. ^^~
As I already said, I'm a choreograph and now, all the dance auditions are over!! It was really tough! I have been dancing all days for the past two weeks! My body is sooo tired now -.- But it payed of!! Because I made it into two dances! And as a choreograph it's only allowed to be in two other dances than your own!! ^_^ I'm so happy about it, and I can't wait to start :3

Aaah, tonight I'm getting my favorite food xD I just had to say it :3 I can post a picture of it later! It's so delicious ^^ It has something to do with curry!! Then I won't tell you more :3

Byye ~


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