~ Kimono Show ~


Today was the day of the kimono show! Finally!
It was so much fun, and it's one of the best experiences I've ever had!
I would want to do it a 100 times more! I felt so elegant and beautiful wearing the kimono, and it was so georgeous! My hair got styled by professinals and I truly felt like a model! Because even though I'm short, the people helping out with the kimono's were shorter than me!

I really loved getting dressed in the kimono, but the proces was so long! I had 3 types of kimono's on. First I had the 'underwear' kimono, which is a very thin white kimono. The you wear a thin silk kimono. You can get these kimono's in many different colors, and Japanese women wear different colors underneath their kimono's to get different nuances of colors out in their kimono. And then at last you wear the normal kimono. Besides all that, you wear like 10 belts under your obi to hold up the kimono. And I also wore a mon over my obi. It was a little heavy and vey tight! But you look beautiful right? (^-^)

I took many pictures, but I can't upload them all here. I will post a few pictures now, and maybe later I'll post some more. If you want to see all the pictures you can add me on facebook here.

First up some pictures of the beautiful kimono I wore:

I really like it! The colors look beautiful together, and the butterflies are very cute! It gives a very girly touch, and because the colors are bright you get the feeling of spring.

I hope you like the pictures. And yeah, if you want to see the rest add me on fabook!



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