New York January 2015 Day 1: Arriving in China Town and exploring

Alright, so Hua and I went to New York City in January! And of course I'm gonna write about it to commemorate it. So here is day 1! 

I must admit that since it's been a while since we came home from New York, that my memory about names of places and such is a bit shabby. The posts will therefore mostly be with pictures and short texts :)

We went in January, so it was both cold in Denmark and New York. I've read that January supposedly is the coldest month in NYC, so I packed all my sweaters haha.

We arrived super late in the night. We landed around 10pm I think, but it took us a really long time to get from JFK to our hotel. For starters it took FOREVER to get through immigration, even though the line was not that long. We've been to a lot of places in Asia with lines just as long, but it would only take 15-20 minutes. Here we were waiting for about 2 hours. 
We were at our hotel around 2AM. There was maintenance on the subway, and they don't arrive that often that late at night, so we waited a long time. Especially for the first train! And then, we kind of walked around 20 minutes to find our hotel in minus degrees. But we made it at last!

After a good nights rest, we were ready to explore our neighborhood, China Town! :D

It was so cool to live in China town. Bubble tea everywhere and cheap food AKA heaven!!

We went around looking at all kinds of shops, buying a few things. 

And for breakfast we went to a little Chinese place, which later became Hua's favorite place to go for breakfast. 

It was super cheap, and they had so many things on the menu! A lot of the food is traditional Chinese (we are in China town) :p . And they had congee too, so Hua was happy. They also have food for the less adventurous people (like myself), and serves breakfast sandwiches. 

We then went back to the hotel to relax for a bit. And I bought Fiji water haha. Don't see the point in it, cause it tastes like all other kinds of water. 

We then explored. And I must admit that I don't exactly know the names of a lot of these places, but it was fun to see nonetheless! We walked towards Soho to shop a bit, and we would come back a couple of times on the trip. 

West side hahaahaa

We found a Whole Foods in Soho! The store everybody seems to love, and I can understand why. Coolest supermarket ever! 

Coofee section!

They also had a huge beer section, and the local beer selection is pretty crazy.

We headed back and grabbed lunch on the way. Not the best food :D 
And as you can see in the background I bought my first bits of make up already haha. Found a Sephora in Soho, so I had to :p

Bubble tea of the day! Pretty sure this was honey and lemon with aloe vera. 

We walked around Chinatown for a bit, but went back to the hotel room to defrost our bodies. It was super cold! 

We headed out for dinner a bit later, and to explore some more around Rockerfeller Center. 

And I don't remember the name of this building, but it was a tourist spot I think :p

We went by Radio City before finding a restaurant. 

And this was cool! Jimmy Fallon is my favorite night show host, so the inner tourist in me needed a picture. And I see here that I did some shopping too :D

The area around Radio City looked really pretty during night. Lots of lights and decorations. 

For dinner we went to a Japanese restaurant called Iroha. Hua got some warm sake, and I ordered a Japanese beer.

Sake and beer :)

The food was quite tasty, but also quite pricy. Especially compared to the food in Japan :p

I had Dhingis Khan.

And Hua ordered some sea urchin (uni) with salad. 

After dinner we made our way towards Time's Square 

All that candy!! :D

And that was our first day in NYC! :D 

See you in the next one :)


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