Weekend is over

Hey everyone~

I had a very fun weekend, how about you? :p
I was home alone with my sister and it was very nice to have the whole apartment for ourselves!

We had a lot of fun this weekend xD Haha. Friday we went shopping and I bought 2 pairs of shoes, which I'll show later.

This was my outfit that day:
Vest from H&M, shirt from H&M, pants from UO and wedges from Havannah Shoes

Quite simple, but super comfortable.

We also went to McD. And as disgusting as it might be, I really like to go there from time to time, and just eat until my stomach bursts! LOL. Well, it was very delicious!

Saturday, we went to Maiken's place. We're in a dance cover group along with her and a bunch of other girls :3 We met up Saturday to get to know each other, and to talk about, what dances to do first, and such. It was really nice meeting all of the other lovely girls, and I can't wait to get strated with the dances! We're doing Sorry Sorry by Super Junior first! :D I'll do Donghaes' parts xD

And today, I just relaxed. I met up with Astrid quickly, but it was for less than an hour -.-

AND! BIG BANG's MV for Tonight was released today!! It's freaking amazing ~ I've been fangirling with my sister for the last couple of hours xD lol <3

I hope you all had a nice weekend!


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