søndag den 31. oktober 2010

5 Days

And I turn 19! :D

Wow, the last year has passed by so fast! I can't believe it.

I'm looking so much forward to Friday :)

Both my mom and my sister is home that day, so we're doing some things together! And then Astrid is coming over for dinner, and of course a night out to celebrate my birthday with me :p <3

AND we're buying our tickets for Japan on Friday as well! I'm sure I already said this, but I can't say it enough xD

Lastly I made this. Did I change much this year? :p

1 kommentar:

  1. Omg Zaa-chaan! >U< Jeg er så misundelig over du skal til Japan! D: tag masser af billeder og blooog om det~

    Synes btw ikke du har forandret dig så meget siden sidste år!~ Stil looking cute! >w<b