Magazines and CD's

I got 4 Japanese magazines today! :D
And no just any magazines, but Popteen, Popsister, BLENDA and Edge Style.

I'm so happy for these <3

I also got two CD's that I ordered today. SHINee's repackaged album and Nishino Kana's 'to LOVE' album. <3

But from now on I have to restrain myself. I have to save up money for two trips next year. First up I'm going to Tokyo with Astrid, and I'm also going to Paris with my family, and I have to pay for both trips myself. So NO SHOPPING!! Even though that will be like, impossible for me. But I have to minimize my shopping -.-"

Well, I'd much rather be able to buy tons of stuff in Japan, than here anyways xD Good thing it's my birthday in 11 days! And Christmas soon too :p

Bye for now ~ <3


  1. Nishino Kana's 'to LOVE' album... I saw that EVERYWHERE in Japan :P

  2. Lucky you~ !!! But yeah she's becoming so popular! :D I think she sold over 620.000 copies of it xD it's crazy!!


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