Tokyo Day 3

Day 3 of our trip!! 

Hua working the mask look haha. It was high season for hay-fever and other allergies, while we were in Tokyo, so he bought some masks, that was supposed to prevent it. 

Waiting for the metro to go to Harajuku!! I was very excited for this!

While waiting for the train, we saw a lot of people fishing here.

Arrived! The restaurant you se eon the right. 'Yoshinoya' is a fast food joint found most places in Tokyo. It's really cheap, and serves a variety of things :)

Ramune :D

Harajuku was PACKED with small crepe shops! 

We had lunch at a Yakiniku place, and it was soooooo good!

We each ordered this set, and we paid around 60-70 DKK each, plus salad bar is included.


We did purikura in Shibuya the day before haha. We look ridiculous! xD

Time for some shopping!! I bought a lot in Harajuku!

And also got a crepe :) Only downside is that they put too much whipped cream in for my taste, but still delicious!

After shopping for several hours, we went to a cafe for some drinks. And yeah, I told you I shopped a lot. 

Thair menu was designed like a newspaper!

We actually wanted to go to the Meiji shrine, since it was also in Harajuku, but we couldn't find it xD So we just decided to head back home, and go out for dinner in Ikebukuro. 

We went to a traditional Japanese Izakaya, which is actually more a drinking place, than food place. The portions are very small. But it was fun to try out. 


Fatty tuna sashimi

Pork stew

And fried chicken

See you in the next post!


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