Tokyo Day 2

Post about our second day!

Happy and ready to go out and about! This day we woke up reeeeally early because of jet lag. We woke up around 5 AM :( Even though we hadn't slept very long the day before. But we decided to go to Ueno  Park and eat some breakfast.

Went shopping in Family Mart for breakfast

In Ueno. It was fun riding the metro so early, since there wasn't nearly as many people as later on.

Unfortunately we were too late to see the sakura in full bloom, but we were able to see how the petals had fallen off the trees and made  a pink carpet :)

It was a very nice and quiet morning in the park, and the weather was beautiful.


There was a group of people doing morning gymnastics in the park together :)

We went home to take a nap, and later we went to Shibuya

Shibuya 109 *O* 

Also saw the Hachiko statue. You should all watch the movie! 

Our lunch was ramen. Miso ramen for me

And tsukemen for Hua

Bought something in EMODA :D I will do a post about all the things I bought in Japan. I bought A LOT

We had dinner in Ikebukuro at a Japanese fast food joint. It wasn't that impressive, but it was really cheap!

Some snacks I bought. The peach ice tea was sooooo good!

Pino ice cream!!

Also bought some make up from CANMAKE, which is actually really nice quality, and cheap too. 

That's it for the second day. We're leaving tomorrow, and I really wish we could stay longer. Will update again soon :)


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