My jumpsuit in ViVi July issue

I just read in the latest ViVi magazine, and look! It's my jumpsuit from Zara! I got so excited and happy when I saw this! It really is my favorite jumpsuit, so it's so cool to see it in ViVi mag! :D

And I had my first exam today!! I think I did pretty good :3 But let's see, I won't know before in a month or so ^^
Tomorrow is my music exam :S I hope I will do well!



  1. any photos of u wearing the jumpsuit?

  2. wow ur outfit is so baggy
    u must be really skinny =]

    thanks, i really like seungyeon, too!
    i made a post about her!

  3. Wow, thank you ^^

    And I saw that! she's the cutest!


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