A very nice day

I had a very nice day today :3

First, I went to buy a new pair of lashes! So I got a new number 07 <3 I just can't live without them ^^

Then I went to pick up my sister at the daycare, and we went to Kongens Have, where I bought her ice cream :3

Then our mom came and joined us, and we walked around in the park for some time :)
On our way home, we stopped by an adorable store, where they sell children's clothing, and they actually needed assistance in the store, so I maybe got a job :D
I called the store manager, and she will call me back later! I really hope I can get it, it would be so perfect :3

And now I only have 7 days of school left!! It's sooo amazing :D



  1. Your sister is the cutest :D

    Response: I'm actually using two lipsticks. One nudy pink and one ivory. ;p


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