Examns, examns, examns

I now know 5 of my examns.. It's a little nervewrecking since 2 of them are in next week.. It's so surreal!!
I have 4 days left of school, but I don't get it yet.. My last real schoolday is Thursdaym and Friday we get to walk around the school in crazy costumes and throw caramels and water at everyone! Haha xD

I also went to a job interview today. I actually think it went pretty well. I celebrated with ice-cream when I got home <3
I really hope I get the job!! I REALLY need it >.<

And here at last I want to share some music:

First up is BIG BANG's new song 'Tell Me Goodbye'
I'm soooo loving this :D Especially my GD! He's wonderful and incredibly hot and cute <3

And then Super Junior's new sing 'BONAMANA'
It actually reminds me a lot of 'Sorry Sorry' because of the similar beat, but I still think that there are a lot of differences in the 2 songs.
And it's the live version from Inkigayo :D I just lobe the dance!

Bye ~ xoxo


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