A long day

I've had a long day !!

I was supposed to work from 10-13 today, but I just couldn't get inside the store! My key simply wasn't working :(
It was so strange since it worked yesterday, even though I did try out for about 30 minutes before the I got the lock. But today I wasn't just as lucky..

I stood outside in the cold rainy weather for 2 hours!!! JUST trying to open the door. And I only got into the store because Monica, who also works there, lived nearby so I could use her key to get in. Seriously, I was SO frustrated.. I mean 2 hours?? Gaah ... -.-
And the weather has been so crazy today! I need sunshine!

And here's an outfit from last week. I forgot to post it >.<

Jumpsuit: Monki
Skirt: H&M

Now I will go back to studying. I'm reading so much these days! It's tough :/

Bye ~ <3


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