New dresses, new shoes

I bought two dresses and a new pair of shoes! Yay ^^ ~

I decided to buy another pair of shoes than the ones from ALDO. I really liked them, but the ones I bought now is even more lovely <3 And I can use them for almost EVERYTHING afterwards. I'll post ictures later :3

A also exchanged the dress I was supposed to wear on the 12th. Again I found something that was more me. I bought this gorgeous sexy black dress :D The other one was purple and more cute, but I don't think I would use it much afterwards. This one though, I'm sure I will :3

The last thing I got was a cute white dress. When we're done with our exams, each class drive around in a big truck (or somehing alike), in the city. It's a tradition here in Denmark. On the ride we visit all our classmember's families, drink a lot o beer, and we have to wear white clothes.

I will post pictures of it later, but I just got home, so I don't feel like doing it right now xD



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