~Snow ~

Hello everyone :3

Yay, it's snowing!! It has been snowing here for the last few days, and it's finally becoming real winter! And I'm leaving for Sweden this Friday! I can't wait (>w<)

But aside from this, I got kind of bad news today ToT ...
I got a mail from yesstyle.com saying that one of the items that I ordered are temporarily out of stock, and that I won't get it!! It's so sad, beause I was really looking forward to get it. And now for what item it was.... It was the striped hoodie from YUMI, and probably the item I wanted the most T-T
Well, I just hope it's there soon so that I can order it again.

Well, let's talk some music! ^_^
One of my favorite artists are ....... Perfume! I can't even desribe how much I love them! They equal awesomeness! <3

Nocchi is my favorite! Though, I do love them all! And I especially like their dances. I already learned Dream Fighter and Secret Secret! ^^ ~ And right now I'm working on Love the world. So many details o.o"
I'm going to buy their concert DVD next month! ^^ I can't wait!

Well, that's about it for now, and this might be my last post before Christmas since I will be going to Sweden, and I will only be able to write a post if I'm done with my paper , so please cheer me on! I've written 5 pags now ! ザラがんばってください!


This was Zarah~


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