Chirstmas ^_^ ~

Hello everyone!

Wow, Christmas is getting closer and closer! I just can't wait anymore! >o<
I really love Christmas, it's one of the best times of the year! And this year I will be in Sweden for Christmas! I'm leaving with my family this Friday, so 4 more days! It's going to be amazing! Last year it was snowing on Christmas Eve when we were there, so if we're lucky it will snow again! ^_^
Are you all going somewhere special for Christmas?
And also, I have been buying a lot of Christmas presents! I really enjoy buying presents for my friends and family, and I can't wait to see their expressions when they open them! ^.^ <3

But aside from all this, I'm actually really busy at the moment! And that's because I'm working on a big paper about Sweeney Todd -.- It's a big paper that all 3rd year High School students in Denmark has to do, and it has to be 15-20 pages long. It's really exausting to be writing it, but also a little fun, since we choose what we want to write about ourselves. It just has to be linked to 2 of our main subjects (in my case English and Drama/Theater). We have to hand it in this Friday though, so the suffering will soon be over! ^_^ Yay~ <3

I will be writing again tomorrow about some music and a movie I watched yesterday! Please look forward to it :3

Zarah ~


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