~ ☆Happy ☆ ~

Hello everyone ~ ☆

Today I feel very happy!! And this is why :

じゃ~ん !
I bought a curling iron! Finally ! I've wanted one for such a long time, and finally I had the time and money to buy it ^^ ~ ☆

It came in this:

It's very nice, then I can carry it around, or take it with me when I'm going to sleep-overs and such :)

And here the beauty is :

I'm sorry for the quality ^^''
I can't wait to use it! And I will definetly use it tomorrow! I'm going to dress up from head to toe for New Years eve! I will definetly post a picture of my outfit! I have the most wonderful dress ready! ^^ And I will go buy a new pair of shoes tomorrow, if H&M is open. I saw the nicest shoes, and they would fit my dress perfectly.

What are you going to wear at New Years Eve?

After buying all these things, will I eve get to buy the new Perfume Triangle Tour DVD? >.< Well.. :p

I'm looking forward to create a lot of nice memories with my friends tomorrow! It's my first New Years party as a grown up :p Haha, authority ^^ ☆

I'll be back tomorrow!

Until then, bye bye ~

(A quick snapshot of me, very casual look btw)


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