New jacket + make-up ~


I just wanted to post some pictures of my new jacket :)
I had one in my previous post as well, but I don't think that picture does it justice !

So here are some more:

I wore the second outfit at the first day of J-popcon :D

Also wanted to show you some make-up I tried out this Friday. I like it a lot, and it was inspired by gyaru make-up. I'm not wearing lenses, though I wanted to, but I haven't worn lenses for a long time, so my eyes needs to get used to it again. -.-

At last I want to share this:

F.CUZ released their new MV, and I'm actually starting to like them. I never really oayed attetnion to them before, but I'm keeping my eyes on these guys from now on :)

Oh, and a new blog design is coming up soon :D (Thank you Lina <3)


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