Hello Baby ~

Yeah, I'm re-watching SHINee's Hello Baby. How can I not ?? xD But it bothers me so much, that there's only 13 episodes -.- SNSD got like .. 20 episodes ? And comparing the two shows, SHINee's like a million times better and more entertaining !

Here's a little Hello Baby video for you :

Not the most funny, but I just love it, 'cause it shows that Key and Yoogeun car efor each other ! Wee <3<3

Another thing, I've ordered a lot of stuff from eBay lately :p Including HAIR EXTENSIONS !! I seriously can't wait to get them ! It's about time I buy some too, I've been wanting some for at least a year now xD Haha
And I (of course) also ordered some SHINee goods <3 Including their official 2011 calendar!! YAAAY !! I'll show you, when I get them ^^ <3

Mwaah ~


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